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waywt? saved my life

sycamore no more

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Going to have to agree. Some of you dudes need to learn how to respect your elders.

this is the internet—the playground of the anonymous. there is the no age, no gender, no ethnicity, no religion, no formality or informality requisite. these characteristics we judge normally from an explicit and sensual perception are made null; our only clue for prejudice or social expectation comes from a username, something created to represent an alias or alternative to an actual identity. the moments in which you need to stand by what you "speak" online are scarce, and even less necessary than that is to somehow make clear and distinguish between exactly which social rules we obey online and which we choose to accept passively. you having an expectation of your implicit rule of respecting elders online from all users of the web is, at least in this moment, the equivalent of you hoping your perception of the color blue is faultlessly equivalent to mine—we are not all hardwired from birth to understand exactly one of the infinite hues of blue to be a true blue. likewise, your distinctions of social expectations and etiquette on the web cannot be made explicit to all other users.

in sum, deal with it.

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