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waywt? saved my life

sycamore no more

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Info on the pants? You called them "mtwtfss"? Guessing days of the week? If so, this guy I knew pitched me this "great idea" for a clothing company by the same name not too long ago. Knowing him, the idea was probably stolen. I'd LOL for sure to know more.

editeditedit - http://www.weekday.com/collections/all/all/boy/

parent/conglomerate brand to "cheap monday"

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Sup 5panel

Uniqlo vest

Ksubi sweater

N.hoolyhood singlet


Uniqlo heattech

Odyn vovk socks


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Some (too many) go like "Oh your shark tooth is nice",

Sometimes I take time to explain that's made of horn & shit, sometimes only.

Otherwise.. people usually notice it since it's pretty big. Some like it, some find it way too big for their taste, etc.. Various reaction,but, as long as I avoid the "blabla Shark tooth" that's all fine.

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I undertsand it can overcharge my fits and I sometimes make the effort to avoid wearing necklace/rings/bracelets when there are too many colors or textures.

But that's one of those things I truly appreciate in a fit :

The more, the bigger, the better. (or something like that)






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