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waywt? saved my life

sycamore no more

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(heh heh, know what's up... x Duck)



This morning at school:


Alex + Chloe

Stussy bag

Flat Head 3001

Vans Chukka

Later on that day I headed over to SE to hang out with Jan. Hanging out at the store listening to The Silversun Pickups on repeat.


We took at least 4 of these pictures to try and perfect it but people had no fucking courtesy, they just kept walking by!

We headed over to a local coffee shop wearing what we wore above went back and decided we wanted to make sidneylo jealous by trying on more Flat Head shirts.


Hope you're jealous you asian cutey you.


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Wow, what the fuck is up with Jan's hair? Is that a wig or did he just go all Sycamore on us?

And damn, according to the first pic, you're ripped. Damn short filipino wrestlers.


Where are you finding locations? You're doing some bizzy level scouting.

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shemagh + i <3 ny shirt in yellow + H&M hoodie + porter

i just really like the color yellow. and purple :D

Dude, first the two kids with the shemagh steez, now you. I kind of wish I could pull that shit off.

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it's like a.. what did you do and what were you wearing while you were doing it. (or not wearing... if that's your thing). hubba hubba

Only if you're talking about Rirawin not wearing...


Let's jump on the I have a crush on Rirawin thread! (go make one Sam ;))

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Dude, this picture of Ayn is like LIFE SIZE. Shit is soooooo fucking tall. Looks like he's going to reach out and grab me.

Damn Ayn and you guys have been buying up a storm since the Levi... *mumble mumble*

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on the topic of shemaghs... do you just wrap it around your neck like a scarf, or is there any particular way that you are supposed to wear it? I'm considering getting myself one since I have never seen anybody wear one in real life (in the context of fashion), so it's not as tired and cliche as the internet would lead me to believe. in my opinion they do look quite good when worn like a scarf.

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