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  1. Best Non-SLR digital camera

    The X100S is great but of course there's no way to put another lens on it. That being said if you know you like the camera, it's probably the one to get. Alternative ideas would be: Olympus 17/1.8 lens (35mm FF equivalent) on any of their bodies (though presumably E-M5 or E-P5 if you want similar manual controls) - this setup has the best autofocus by far, but the sensor is a bit smaller. A huge perk of Micro 4/3 is the amazing lens selection. Sony NEX - There's a Sony 20mm (30mm FF equivalent) for $300 or the great Zeiss 24mm (35mm FF equivalent) for $1000, and the bodies are not very expensive. Fuji X-E1 (or the more expensive X-Pro1) - Fuji is releasing a 23/1.4 (35mm FF equivalent) lens later this year according to their roadmap, so you could get the "feel" of the X100 mixed with the perks of an interchangeable lens system.
  2. seenmy is waywt jesus

    four-pins desecrated seenmy by putting him in a list with those last three guys
  3. Djrajio Dating Thread/Advice Column

    not if you define quality women as ones without any major ego/esteem issues
  4. fuck #menswear

    ^ lol
  5. What herb are you?

  6. blue anime light

  7. who cares what some low tier silicon valley engineer wears. there are way worse things in american fashion today.
  8. superliving: your room / closet / house / apartment

    Why do all these people feel the need to have a bunch of 'iconic' shit laying around their apartment in places where it's clearly just for display? hmmm ahh yes this?just a balmain hang tag thats mounted on the ear of my ceramic pitbull head
  9. worst (sufu) waywt fits

    People are still using the "look at how little I care" line of defense in 2013
  10. Thom Browne womens F/W 13 - New York

    Amazing, easily the best NYFW womens collection. Everything that didn't really work in Thom's mens show was perfect here. I love how he uses ideas from his last few collections but it doesn't look stale at all.
  11. +++ Supreme. 19 Centimeter Made in Japan. Vans.
  12. 6.0 suggestions

    Add :icon_lol:
  13. your perfect sandwich

    pho sandwich
  14. Saint Laurent mens F/W 13 - Paris

    Even worse than I expected it to be. The outerwear lame basics will sell but I'm not sure the Tribe of Slimane really exists anymore.
  15. japan :: tokyo :: general

    Is this Grimoire Almadel style as big right now as the streetstyle blogs are making it seem? It sucks