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Superswap v9 - PM YOUR INFO TO TACO

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This shit better be good.

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ngl this looks like a box of stuff somebody found under their bed while cleaning their room for the first time in a year

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i have been travelling for the last month so im late/havent shipped. Shaping up though! 

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  • hello !

    supertalk is free to browse as a guest. You need to be a member to participate in discussions or buy and sell on the classifieds.

    From 2021 new membership is $US 6 / year.

    You can also become a premium superseller or supermember. Businesses who want to promote their brand and products need to become a supersponsor. superfuture is privately owned and has been online continuously for 22 years. It is a digital cockroach and will survive all current and future apocalypses.  

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    • By NGOStudio
      Hey guys,
      This is my first post and hope to get as many responses as possible. I keep revisiting this idea for many years and just decide to do it. I don't want to get too old to do what I enjoy. Little about me:
      Fashion and leather-wear enthusiast
      Somewhat experience in biz development, commodities trading, IT development, sourcing, sale, and many bits here and there.
      Since my in law and several of my friends are either working in garment manufacturing, sourcing, or designing, I want to begin this journey so I need a lot of advice before investing my time and saving into this venture. Here is a list of questions that come to mind, and if you guys have more questions or inputs, greatly appreciated:
      What should be a good name and should I make a hierarchy system: NGO (last name) >>> Fashion Lines/Collections to represent different styles and subcultures: Unichi. Any idea for a good name?
      Should I produce clothes from rare fabrics, not only hand treated fabrics but also from exotic animals, I have several good sources for this. If the money is no problem, producing garments from almost extinct animals could be achieved. But I've made a promise to self to not hunt and kill living creatures just for the purposes of making clothes.
      How should I curate designs? I'm thinking about curating designs from public collaborations with young designers, or even with my own customers - similar to those crowdfunding ways. On the other hand, I can create my own designs through private collaborations and inspirations - not always effective and costs way more for prototyping; but the result might be unique and self-fulfilling.
      How should I market my company, build a hype, pimp my brand, and create an effective distribution channel? I've read about some indie fashion brands and TOJ - now Falcon Garment is probably one of the most successful stories. I'm wondering what they did in the early days that help their brand's recognition. While I knew my experience and the experience from people around me can leverage my play, there are still too many uncertainties. About distribution channel, I think a direct distribution route will save a lot of cost and return value to my own customers, but it might bottleneck the appreciation of brand's value. Hype will bring in a lot of cash and attention but it also costs a lot of money, and definitely a lot of luck.
      Thanks so much for reading this and love to hear your thought!!!
    • By edd
      - shipping will depend on where i am shipping to.
      - i accept verified paypal only.
      - no trades.  
      - buy all and will discount.
      - more pics and info available on request.
      - all measurements done in BiG style and in inches
      Studio D'Artisan D1546 21oz straight leg jeans (zip fly) tagged 30 ---> $80
      waist - 15.75
      front rise - 11
      thigh - 12
      leg opening - 8.25
      inseam - 32 (little over)
      worn for about 8 months. initial wash and a few soaks. some crotch wear (see pics). wear on the cuffs (see pics). lots of color left on them (imo), have not been washed or worn in a long time. if purchased i can wash them upon request but it will take a few more days to ship out because they take forever to dry.  

      Levis 501 STF tagged 31 ---> $20
      waist - 32
      front rise - 11.5
      thigh - 11.75
      leg opening - 7.75
      inseam - 31
      worn for about a year, initial wash and 2 soaks. some light wear on crotch and cuffs (see pictures). have not been washed or worn in a long time. if purchased can wash up request. 

      Buy all American Apparel stuff for 25 shipped
      American Apparel V-neck t shirts size Large - Army Green and Grey (silver?) ---> $10 each or  $15 for both. would prefer you buy these together. 
      ordered them on sale online from American Apparel. apparently sale items are final sale so i couldnt return them. too big, BNWT. 

      American Apparel Travel Pants tagged 33 (I think they are called that) - grey/charcoal -  ---> $15
      waist - 34
      thigh - 11.75
      leg opening - 8.25
      inseam - 32
      same story with the shirts. ordered them on sale online from American Appeal.  apparently sale items are final sale so i couldnt return them. too big, BNWT. thin lightweight material, great for summer, would suggesting turning them into shorts. size tag is cut down the middle because i assume final sale?

    • By Planetarium
      Visvim FBT Reno Japan - SOLD
    • By tac0tron
      Superswap v7, hosted by a non-fraudulent person.
      Because I need more to do this summer.
      DEADLINE TO SEND PACKAGES: August 22, 2013 September 6, 2013 September 20, 2013 September 30
      Setting a strict email cut off date at REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Emails sent after will be ignored.

      *Date subject to being shortened. Not extended.
      I'm not going to just assume that everyone from the previous thread will be up for this right away when hosted by me, so I will need everyone to do the following as the first steps to participating in the swap:1) Post in this thread that you want to participate
      2) Email me the following information:

      Subject Line: Username / Superswap v7

      a. Full Name (First, Last)
      b. Address
      c. Primary Email Address
      d. Shipping preferences (If you for some reason cannot do international shipping, prefer to be within your continent, etc.)
      e. Size information (Shirt, shoes, pants, etc.)*

      Please follow the subject line. This makes it way easier for me.

      Email this info to: ___________________
      Once you have completed these two steps, your name will be in bold on the list in this post. You will not participate in this swap unless your name is in bold.I have no idea whether this should require a post minumum, rep minimum, etc. but really anyone can turn into an asshat or shit happens in life that has nothing to do with post count or rep. If you fucked up in previous swaps, don't even bother trying to sign up for this. I'm expecting the lot of you to keep an eye out for fuck ups too, I'm not gonna study the previous swap. So call them out when you see them.
      Please commit to shipping your package with delivery confirmation and tracking. Even if you're a stand up person and all, shit happens with the mail so its really easier for everyone if you pay whatever for that extra tracking. Talk to me if you really cannot do this.
      More steps and dates will be announced as this progresses. Lets make this a good one. Also lets try to not have any supercare packages this time around. Thinking about putting a cap on the amount of participants as well. We will see.
      Participants who have shipped their packages will be in green.
      1. tacotron
      2. OkayOkay
      4. wahwho11
      5. funkdoobi
      6. kelleydenham
      7. I wear shooes
      8. merry burger
      9. ADH92
      10. hailxenu
      11. jackg
      12. eloq
      13. DaBestSpoona
      14. philosophiliac
      15. 1 9 9 3
      16. evilgeniusdan
      17. Denton
      18. xchen
      19. kaws&effect
      20. lasseg
      21. albertabeef
      22. Desi
      23. yoallanface
      Update #1 7/1/13 - Registration is now closed. Stay tuned for announcements of swap partners this week.
      Update #2 7/6/13 - Partner information has gone out via email, THE DEADLINE TO SHIP YOUR PACKAGE IS AUGUST 22nd, 2013 (8/22/13)
      Update #3 7/31/13 - Deadline has been changed to SEPTEMBER 6th, 2013 (9/6/13)
      Update #4 8/23/13 - Deadline changed to SEPTEMBER 20th, 2013 (9/20/13)
      Update #5 9/18/13 - Deadline changed to SEPTEMBER 30th, 2013 (8/30/13)
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