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Edwin Jeans..


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i think all european edwin are only made in italy.. and model names usually start with ed-XX

and obviously japanese ones are made in japan

yeah, the model name is different. the japanese one are number series like Levi's ( 503, 505 etc). the european one are ed-XX or have regular names (nashville, etc). as for country of manufacture, i'm pretty sure some european models are made in japan.

Check out Edwin's japanese website, cause the prices are much cheaper than elsewhere (most expensive pair's about 110$) and they have really nice washes (no way you can find something that nice for anything close to that price).


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do they ship to north america? i checked & all it is is yahoo japan and rakuten... anyone know any online places b/c a spot around here has em for $240 & $280 canadian but on sale for $130 & $150

if you want to order from japan, either use a proxy service like www.bid-service.jp

or, 2000db is also having a similar service starting next month, but for smaller fees


otherwise, some rakuten store will deliver outside japan, check out this thread, loads of info there


but at 130, 150 CAD, it's probably cost the same to get them there, not to mention that it'd be easier and faster

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Mine didn't seem to shrink a whole lot when I washed them at the six-month mark...although they don't seem like the sort of cut you'd size down for usually, so I'd be inclined to leave them unsoaked. They don't lose indigo as easily as, say, a pair of Edwin Sens would. When I washed them, the water turned a bright turquoise rather than the murky brown I've seen with some other raw jeans. I'm surprised yours are made in Tunisia -- I had thought the Nashvilles were Edwin's only guaranteed Japan-made jeans.

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I thought the Nashvilles were made in Japan too. I was surprised to see they now made elsewhere. I'm still looking for a pair that are made in Japan, but I think I will keep these for now. They were on sale.

I sized down since the actual waist measurement on the 34 was 36". If they won't shrink much, or will stretch out, then I'll keep them.

I just wanted to know if they'd shrink to 34" tag size on a cold soak.

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hmm...mine are also tagged 34, but they do seem looser about the waist than other jeans (I'm looking at you, Imperials). I never thought to measure them. They'll definitely shrink a bit if you soak them, but as I said above they don't shrink dramatically. I didn't have to stretch them back out again after I put them on for the first time post-wash or anything; they just fit a little more snugly for a few days.

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Edwin Nashvilles -- Nine months of wear, washed once after about six months. A few repairs around the crotch area made with indigo threads plucked from a raw offcut...seems to work fairly well if you can nip the rips in the bud, but it's a bit time-consuming.







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That's a really nice looking belt buckle (oh- the jeans are looking good too)

Any info?

Have a pair of Greenvilles i'll be getting rid of soon 32 x 32, barely worn. Drop me a pm if at all interested

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