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the boss is black


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what have you been doing since your departure?

living. doing regular shit, really.

Pizza in the club.

Jesus peaces.

Blackberry smart phones.

Royals Royces.


Balmain jeans.

You know, showing us how you BOUT DAT' LIFE.

never had pizza in the club, worn a jesus piece, owned a blackberry, driven a rolls, ripped open a medicom toy, or worn balmains

What did you study at Princeton?

You know Julian Ulmar or Sanjiv Goli?

econ. nah never knew either.

What's it like being a genius?

Do you shed a tear inside knowing that other mere morals aren't on the same NEXT LEVEL SHIT as you?

even my ego isn't big enough to respond to this

stuffed crusts. louboutins. guiseppes. tinder. chicken sandwiches. luxury suites. ferrari smash.

boss, let the people know.

stuffin crust = that swishery, my guy. thousand dollar giuseppe and louboutin steppers. when i see 'rarri smash, i click and listen.

tell me where i can get 'motivation'

ay bruh,

this is motivation and it has kiko. there are a lot of types of motivation out there. what you really want is to be focused on a task so stubbornly that you forget everything else.


so good.

you know i can only post once a day, right? and i'm doing Q&A.

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where can i get one of those backpacks with a duck on it?

i don't even know. i don't even have one right now.


here's the soundtrack for the last couple weeks:


listen up if you want to learn about stuffin crust and runnin round the lobby.


mpa peewee, the mpa band camp boss.


one thing i don't understand about ATL - they'll claim to be in a gang, but then be total bros with outspoken members of rival gangs.

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