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the boss is black


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 Quoting blukgeeamd85's post hollin out correlationaly incorrect point of view 

and actually have it be the only thing posted


 not a single word thereafter not even one single mention that you wEstSide actually DO infact know of a sexy saucy klandestine Pizza shoppe whether it be in actual ATL or the darkest regions of Ga woods backyard norcross type roun a bouts, 



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yung wEstSidE finna make moves. i'm done with my self exile. finna go west or east, SF or NY.

didn't really get a gud vibe from WI when i visited you. i guess the gwop was gud but i think you should get out of there. best of luck. lab and i'll be waiting for you to come thru one of these days.

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in nyc this weekend with the majime boys: habia, fookums, doctorworm, liberation1945

OG Posse


when i roll extra deep, we call it octoposse.


hmu if you want to say wassup like black hippy.

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yeah. what is this friend stuff on here though? seems like a kinda meaningless feature. you can add me on facebook, too.


OG djrajio is gonna teach me to tokyo ball. can't wait to book that trip.

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