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fs: 2 pair LVC 501s, 1944 & 1966 size 32/36 Levi's Vintage Clothing

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I should have posted these here before ebay, but it just slipped my mind. Happy to end the auction early if someone here wants them. Check out my other auctions if you go looking. ebay link

These are brand new pairs of LVC Levi's Vintage Clothing 1944 & 1966 501s tagged size 32/36. Both soaked once and tried on once.

1944 $170 Sold

1966 $160

Save me some ebay fees

These are before and after measurements:



waist 17

f/rise 13

b/rise 16 1/2

thigh 12

knee 9

hem 8 3/4

inseam 36 1/2


waist 16

f/rise 12

b/rise 15 1/5

thigh 11 1/2

knee 8 1/2

hem 8 1/2

inseam 33 1/2






waist 16 1/4

f/rise 11 1/2

b/rise 16 1/2

thight 12 1/4

knee 9 1/2

hem 8 1/4

inseam 36


waist 15 1/2

f/rise 11

b/rise 16

thigh 11 1/2

knee 9 1/8

hem 8

inseam 34





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