Nudie, Naked/Famous, Crate, Stussy, ActualPain (36w, XL)

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Second thread, more 36's and XL's. Great prices, buy it all!

Nudie Even Steven Organic Raw. Washed / worn, life left.

36w - $50



Naked and Famous Weird Guy, Grey Selvage. Only worn a couple times.

W36 - $50.00



Crate Slim Taper, raw selvage.

36w - $50.00



Actual Pain Tee, Black, XL - $15.00


Stussy Flannel, red, XL. Good condition. $20.00.


Stussy Flannel, orangeish. Good condition. XL - $20.00.


J Crew Madras woven. XL. $20.00.


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    • By arcanum
      Denim snobs stay out.
    • By ygoldy
      For a bunch of years, I collected high-end Japanese denim. A few of these were collaborations and are no longer available. Waist size is as tagged, length is measured, since most pairs were altered (using vintage chainstitch machines).

      If you want more detailed shots/info on a specific pair, don't hesitate to ask. Prefer meetup in Toronto. Pics can be viewed at: http://imgur.com/a/HB5VX

      Pics 1 & 2 left-right:

      Imperial Duke W 30 L 30 $75

      Flat Head BSP W 31 L 30 (professional crotch repair) $50

      Flat Head 1001 W 30 L 30 $65

      Samurai Black Night (Blue in Green collab) W 29 L 31 $95

      Pics 3 & 4 left-right:

      Real Japan Blues x Self Edge W 30 L 29 $70

      Sugar Cane x Self Edge SEXSC 02 W 29 L 30 $75

      Sugar Cane x Self Edge W 30 L 28 $75

      ROY V.2 W 30 L 29.5 $80

      Pics 5 & 6 left-right:

      Dry Bones DP 580 W 28 L 30 $45

      Nudie Grim Tim Selvedge W 29 L 30 $45

      Nudie Slim Jim W 28 L 30 $45

      APC New Cure W 29 L 30 $30

      APC New Cure W 28 L 31 $30
    • By sitbackrelax
      Our Legacy Khaki Single Peacoat (M/48) $150



      Muji Quilted Chore Coat (L) $40

      Stussy MA-1 from 2005 (M) $50



    • By gman23
      FS is a Barcode Neoprene Shirt by Alexander Wang in size 46
      Fits between a small-medium.
      Brand new. 
      Retail Price: 375$
      Selling Price: 200 shipped to US


      Also selling a Comme Des Garcons Wool V-Neck Sweater in size XL
      fits like a Large 
      Brand New
      Retail Price: 350$
      Selling Price: 185$ shipped to US


    • By critic
      I have a set of journal crates, size 29.
      Chain stitched raw denim, only 450 pairs were made and year the cotton was milled from is stamped on the back of the buttons (1972 in this case).
      They fit way too small for me, fitting more like a 27 than a 29. Theyve been worn about ~10 times like 2+ years ago and have slight signs of age in the rear pocket due to a large wallet I use to wear.
      The measurements are in the pictures however if there is something im missing or youre curious about please dont hesitate to ask.
      A link to the gallery can be found here:
      $70 shipped within the US.