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...gay thoughts.


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I've had the biggest man-crush on Jon Kortajarena for a while. His part in A Single Man was a swoon moment too.


Anderson Cooper, only reason I will watch CNN.

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list them. you will feel free.

male ones off the top of my head; moz, freddy ruppert, nicola formichetti, tadanobu asano, richard brautigan (dead/don't ask), david suzuki etc. more i am forgetting.

like, when i see those du's, i just think 'damn'. not in a 'yo, spread your cheeks' way, but there's just something about each of them that makes me feel a weird combination of inadequacy and admiration or some shit. obviously their success/notoriety and my interest in whatever field they represent influences my opinion, but its still based on some sort of a visual level. its kinda hard to explain.

then i put some dipset on, man up and download some amy reid vids.

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I think that is it with all my man crushes.

"Gay thought"? I was going out with some girl and I was contemplating bringing my clutch to hold my phone, keys, etc. Thing is I don't own a clutch.

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