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...gay thoughts.


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i just bought tickets for the weeknd

i think that guy could sing his way into my pants

You asshole!

I tried to get tickets and it sold out with the quickness

You could resell for like $140 / ea


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i am going to join an internet forum where men critique other men's clothing choices, and i think it would be cool if my user name was also the title of a morrissey album, which itself was derived from a gay 1960s british slang term meaning 'nice outfit'

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I often gauge the attractiveness of a woman on what they would look like if they were a man. not sure why. Gayest thing ive ever wrote.

At times I wonder if I would have made a deathly attractive woman. With current technology we can get the answer!!

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And I def get the Ryan Gosling thing also. I know way more guys than girls that liked The Notebook (and cried at some point during it...you did too you sissy lala), and I think it's part his rugged, yet refined looks, but also he's kind of the guy everyone wants to be. I wanna grow a beard and build a house out of anger and love and hang from a ferris wheel and come back from the war to reclaim my bitch.

This might be the gayest post yet, no pause.

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