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Samurai S5000 owners

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yeah i was thinking that or a cold soak and possibly wear them when it is damp to strech. i kind of want a slimmer fit anyways. im 5'11 and 165 lbs.

is it too risky? a 29?

I'm about the same size as you, and I just got a 30. I think that was the correct size for me. I'll post pics at some point.

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I just hot washed these with detergent for the 2nd time last night



bigger sizes



the contrast was adjusted a bit for the sake of trying to get the black color correct. the pics with no contrast adjustments are the detailed pics where the black (actual) turn out more grey. It fades to white, not grey. so it's a bit deceiving. I adjusted in an attempt to get it back to the correct color.

These are fucking tough.

with no contrast to see how it's grey, not black like it actually is.


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fuckin ell those are looking nice and ashy. finally starting to see the beauty of the BK's with the past two pairs posted.

puting my pair on hold until i can stitch the pockets and belt loops back on along with ripped thread in the seat.


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thanks for the comments guys. The real question beckons, since the s5000bk's are almost a year old, what happened to everyone else's s5000? I was probably the last out of the orginal batch of people to buy them. Let's see some more s5000!!

you are making the rest of us a bit shy!

i am wearing my bks for the first time today in like... a month? yeah.

maybe i'll post update pix when i get home... perhaps

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i think a 31 would fit you better.. and when you soak them.. pls put something on the waist so the waist wont shrink

Yeah I'm a 32 wasit and a 30 fit a little too tight. I got a 31 and I'm loving it.

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Yeah I'm a 32 wasit and a 30 fit a little too tight. I got a 31 and I'm loving it.

i actually think a 30 would be better. keep in mind that these stretch rather easily. im a 32 waist too and i wish i would have gone for a 30. i imagine you'd be fine with a 31 as well, but the 30 will probably be better.

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no, ended up just cuffing them. with pants i don't mind the hassle, but jeans are so much work it's usually not worth it. i'm commited to cuffing now.

Yeah, you're right. I couldn't taper them because of sentimental reasons too. They may make the 710BK so the problem could be solved by just buying another pair of jeans, much easier ;)

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