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Samurai S5000 owners

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yay, shrunk my sammys from w31 to w28 :D (thx again alleyooptroop) btw how long did everybody's sammy's stay stiff?? My sammys went from being stiff after a soak to soft in only 2 days :confused:

Yeah, mine softened up a lot in one or two wearings. They also stretched out a lot in subsequent wearings.

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everyone knows the color of these are impossible to capture correctly. but these do have some serious fading going on....just hot washed and dried them on hot in the dryer w/o any soap last week as they stretched an ungodly amount.




been wearing these off and on since around august or so. But most of my time is spent on the samurai contest jeans.

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Errr yeah, same sentiment from me two, everytime you post em I feel I ought to wear mine more, gotta get em hemmed and start living in em. Amazing pics poly, I feel those are on par with those "amazing black faded jeans" that keep being posted! Poly your great x

same here. got to have mine hemmed to a 34 inseam first before i get serious on breaking them in. i have some creases and honeycombs however but nothing to brag about. great work poly, considering you have the shoai's and the samurai contest jeans to work on.

the edo ai's are making progress though but i'm not sure if it's worth washing already. natural indigo is just soooo stubborn...

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i dont know why but those pictures scare me haha... but dope pants btw i like that hanger

You think that's scary...I hang dry them like that in a doorway to my bedroom...the first few times I did it I woke up in the middle of the night, wondering what the fuck the silhouette was that was swaying from side to side slowly in the dark :eek:

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Guest jeffvyain

wow. incredible wear at 2 months.

i got tired of writing papers for a few minutes and thought i'd take a break making porn. so here's a couple highlights of my 5000s.




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