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1st World Problems


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i toasted my banh mi too much and it cut my mouth up
housemate came back after being gone for 5 weeks, shit sucks so bad. i love living by myself, i just can't afford it.
THIS i just moved into a new appt last week and the internet man comes next thurs.
I find it easier to kop jawnz than decide which to wear out .. meaning I stay home and kop more.. which makes this problem worse.
moving and not having internet at your own place for about 2 weeks


+++++rep. ran out for the 24hr, will rep the rest of you.

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when 'adult film actresses' i like kind of fall off the face of the earth for a year or so and when they come back their face is just busted because of some shitty facelift/nosejob they really didn't need

so you spent ALL that time not making money and didn't even get your boobs did? come on gurrrrrrl

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^ I get dat too.

And when I check my bank account online I can't remember what some of the debit card/paypal purchases are, even with the $$numbers$$ and shit.

Sometimes when the mail arrives I'm like "wtf is this".......................

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Delivery attempted

you fucking liars, you haven't attempted shit. ffffsss.


wow, so i had to stop the courier from driving off and ask him politely if he was supposed to deliver to my address.

bloody idiots.

I've caught Parcelforce dropping the card through the letterbox and then they've had to admit they didn't even have the parcel on the van. They take out a van full of parcels, then they fill in cards for anything left over and make you come out to the depot.

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