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1st World Problems


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Delivery attempted

you fucking liars, you haven't attempted shit. ffffsss.


wow, so i had to stop the courier from driving off and ask him politely if he was supposed to deliver to my address.

bloody idiots.

you're only a bully on the internet, you can't be mean irl

just admit it - it's easier that way

you know you like being nice :o

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also, losing all the tabs i had up. the worst thing is that i know they were useful but can't remember what sites they actually were ha.

i guess you tried typing about:sessionrestore manually ? it happened to me last time and i was pretty pissed because i always have a ton of tabs opened and sometimes from a few weeks back... fuck that.

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still don't get the tons of tabs thing that a lot of people seem to do. That would annoy me.

bookmarks or ffffound usually. Sometimes I'll drag the favicon to my desktop which makes it a .webloc or whatever the fuck

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i used to just put all my bookmarks on my desktop

but i ended up just never going back to them, same with my bookmark bookmarks

i dunno

I use "Bookmarks" exclusively for when I come across a primo porn clip, so when I need a quick fix, it's just a few clicks away. Granted, the list is only populated by maybe a dozen entries. Don't judge me.

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i was at a cafe and got a couple of pizza slices, then was still hungry so i got some garlic bread, but the pizzas where better i should have ordered the garlic bread first :(

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I can't rep ppl on sufu from my iPhone. but that's the only way I browse it cos my laptop won't connect to sufu anymore (idk)

This is how I do it.. I press the rep thing 2-3 times. It pops up, then I type in 1 letter and it closes. Click again and then you're good to go.


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