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  1. xerrox

    video games ruined my life

    Nier Automata is so cool. I've gotten into the bad habit of buying games and playing them for a few hours before shelving them but I'm hooked on this.
  2. xerrox

    video games ruined my life

    I built a gaming PC in July and it's pretty much just an Overwatch machine. I love the PC, but I've only put in like 60 hours into Overwatch so I guess I don't play video games nearly as much as I thought I did. Picked up FFXV though, pretty excited to get into a JRPG since that was basically my entire childhood.
  3. xerrox

    What is your Wallet?

    Old crappy wallet got lifted out of my coat pocket. All I carry is my credit card, drivers license, and metro transit card (which I never have to take out) so this works nicely
  4. xerrox

    vacation advice superthread

    Anyone have suggestions for a week in Colombia? I've heard good things, thinking about splitting some days between Medellin and Cartagena
  5. xerrox

    NBA Basketball

    was tonight the greatest night in nba regular season history?
  6. xerrox

    usa :: washington dc :: general

    From everything I've heard and read, it's a completely different city. The boundary for what's "safe" keeps pushing east. I've been here a year and a half and I've never lived anywhere where the fault lines of gentrification were so visually obvious (like cranes basically encircling public housing projects). Besides the obvious suspects of the Mall and museums (which are definitely worth doing), nothing really jumps to mind as "must-do". ESL is a lot of fun, which along with Saufhaus next door and Big Hunt down the street (dive bar) are probably the only decent bars around DuPont. It's a nice neighborhood but attracts a lot of suburban bros on the weekend. I always stop in at Kramerbooks around there, a book store with a bar and cafe attached (open til 1am and 3am on the weekends). - Renwick Gallery is pretty cool although every single person will be trying to get a new profile picture or insta pic - Air and Space is probably the most popular Smithsonian museum. I like the Hirshhorn a lot and it doesn't take very long. - Some of the posts from 2012 mention Toki Underground being in a sketchy area...the neighborhood doesn't look like much but there are some fun spots and it's definitely getting better. Toki's good ramen (depending on where you're from), Maketto is a coffee shop/restaurant/clothing store basically across the street, I'm partial to Little Miss Whiskey's which is a dive-ish New Orleans themed bar. There's a beer garden around there I've heard good things about. - Good music venues: U Street Music Hall, Black Cat, 9:30 Club, DC9, Rock and Roll Hotel (also on H St and home to a shitshow dancefloor on the weekends), Flash for Euro DJs - U St and 14th St (they intersect) are kind of the go-to nightlife areas which apparently would have been unimaginable the last time you were here - Other decent bars around the U St/Shaw area: American Ice Company, All Souls, Satellite Room I realize that's like all nightlife or museums. I don't eat out that often so I don't have much in the way of food recommendations, though I've heard good things about - Rasika is a fine-dining Indian place in Chinatown that's basically an institution - Rose's Luxury in Eastern Market area is supposedly really good but they don't take reservations so you have to wait in line at like 4pm - Masseria is a new prix-fixe Italian place around Union Market (which is nice enough in its own right), kind of tucked away next to a bunch of African and Asian wholesaler places - Fiola Mare is seafood in Georgetown - Thai Xing is a BYOB Thai place that's kind of pricy in an old rowhouse - Plugging Zenebech near Shaw/U St because it's an awesome hole in the wall Ethiopian place in a city full of Ethiopians.
  7. xerrox

    Street Fighter Thread

    I bought this and I'm despite being a total noob and losing probably 8 out of every 10 matches, I'm having a ton of fun. PSN: BansheeBeats if anyone wants to play sometime
  8. xerrox

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    The first few seconds of "Violet" by Deafheaven and "Lower Your Eyelids to Die With The Sun" by M83 sound almost the same but the bands are very very different.
  9. xerrox

    Skincare recommendations

    I've had bad skin for a long time. I'm 24 and it's still not great (some pockmarks, dark skin so everything scars for a while etc) but one thing I find that actually works is the Aztec Clay mud. Skin looks and feels 10x better after a mask.
  10. xerrox

    The Android Cell Phone Thread

    I gave up on my HTC M8 and ordered an iPhone (first one). The phone used to be great, then Verizon put out an update and the battery life and performance went to complete shit. As far as I can tell, rooting the updated version is pretty much off the table too.
  11. xerrox

    General TV show discussion

    Fargo's the only show I've been really excited for and the premiere didn't disappoint
  12. xerrox

    what are you reading today?

    just came back from Turkey so