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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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i was starting to write an email, starting with hello andrus, etc etc

but when i looked back at the beginning i realized the o never took and the email started with hell andrus.

I had to write a very harsh email to someone whose last name is ____fried once. Spelled her name as "fired" instead and only realized after sending it off. Hope she didn't notice  :(

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I've thought whitney and timber were the same person since i joined superfuture...

This is impossible :P aside from all of the other points, I could never rock short hair as well as she can :(

I had to write a very harsh email to someone whose last name is ____fried once. Spelled her name as "fired" instead and only realized after sending it off. Hope she didn't notice :(

must be a subconscious thing because I was thinking Hell, Andrus.

Luckily the person I work for is big on grammar, got me in the habit of double checking/triple checking my work....so I was able to catch that. :D

I also try to keep emails/texts much more vague than I used to. Learned not to have anything incriminating or potentially incriminating on record. It's kept me from having snarky, backhanded comments incorporated and overall just consistently working on being the bigger person.

Eta--because Americans can be very PC. Sometimes I feel like I'm walking on eggshells

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I always go for the latter because I find I'm more happy and when I am, that kind of enthusiasm and passion ends up getting me to the right places and taken care of anyways.

But if your situation has circumstances (eg family, obligations, debt) that require you to go for $$$, go for it. Do what you gotta do but than circle back to what makes you happy.

There is no right or wrong answers in life and fcuk what anyone else says. Cliche but you only have one life. Nothing is worse than a life full of regrets. a handful is expected tho

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The latest viral spider news is horrifying at face value: Residents of North Memphis, Tenn., were treated to an unexpectedly white Thanksgiving when a spider web at least half a mile long appeared on the grass.
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what was that photography series where they had a collection of 9? photos in a square with 90s rave fashion, 90s football hooliganism, 80s teen fashion etc









I bought a copy earlier this year, would highly recommend

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Is this supposed to be serious 

Current environmental conditions apparently helped lower the average sperm count and up the odds of micro-penises, scandis are particularly affected for some reason so can you imagine a viking invader with a tiny macaroni, can't even rape and pillage properly.

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Did I miss a whole episode? :(

There are days (more than I care to admit) where I roll out of bed, shower, throw shiet on and finger comb my hair after towel drying and running around the house air-dry...

But I'm running errands and plan to squirrel away in a corner spot of some anti gourmet coffee spot.

And I think I look hella janky but than someone in SF always manages to make me look decent next to them


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I think it's effing amazing how I go years without getting my cc compromised and within the last 6 months my mc got compromised twice.

It's the only card I have on me (probably why the du overnight it free) so when I took uber this morning I had to switch over to the PayPal. Than I realized I had no time to get to my bank before my next appointment but enough time to kill that I would want a drink.

So I signed up for a Starbucks app and got myself a Starbucks card, paid with PayPal.

I probably wouldn't need to bring a wallet if Apple Pay was more widely accepted (right now I'm limited to Sephora and Walgreens).

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