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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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Hey man, you say 'ambition' and all I see is 'gold-digger' and, if people want to pay and angle for that kinda bullshit, be my guest. 


I had enough of those fucks in San francisco trying to get their cunts on some startup $$$. 

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XboxOne and Samsung 40" TV for $500.



I don't even play video games and this is a great deal. 

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I'll buy CS:GO if you guys are really down.


Unless you guys still think 1.6 is cool b/c I play that regularly...


Someone PM me if its happening.


if it do happen just use my alt account(s)

i bought like 4 copies on sale for 80% off and gave them to myself for mm bans

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just started playing csgo a few months ago and while 1.6 will always be the classic, go makes it extremely easy to hop on 5v5 competitive games. i'd be down for some sufu pugs. 

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