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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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I love girls with small waists and fat rear ends. Which is probably why I lost track of time and space and wound up following one across campus today. Wasn't a complete waste of time though, I wound up coming up on a fresh slice of pizza.

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For me, the four bands which qualify for best band (not favourite) are Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, The Clash and The Smiths. I'd say David Bowie but he's not a band.

Who does everybody else reckon?

major threadjack yo i think there's already one of these here:


if not start one, aint no one gonnna get mad @ u

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The Clash, Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, and The Smiths all fall very, very short of being 'best band.' That was a really frustrating post to read at 8AM but you apparently are 17 so I forgive you.

Really I have no idea what your criteria are.

but The Clash?? The Smiths? and Pink Floyd lost it's soul when Syd Barrett was removed. Kraftwerk is great but it can be fairly one dimensional at times.

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It's so hard to define what is a good band anyway... like how influencial they were, when and why did they start making music, how coherent is their musical career, how good are their last albums compared to the first, authenticity ...

Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Who, Led Zeppelin are obivous choices, but why bands like Bad Brains, The Stooges, MC5, The Replacements, Hüsker Dü, Bauhaus, Minutemen, Jesus and Mary Chain... among many others wouldn't deserve places in Top n°whatever.

(I would say because they have much less of a mainstream appeal)

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century egg is really good IMO but i was raised on that shit. had it with pork in congee last night which is probably the tamest way to try it.

actually now that i think of it.. i've only had it in congee, chinese vegetables and served with pickled ginger.


salted eggs are good too. can eat bowls of rice with one of those.

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tumblr is the new LOOKBOOK.nu for girls that dont have DSLRs

these tumblrs are great

i am a fan of the webcam pics that show off the detail of her cute lil' sundress she just picked up from the vintage shop (and a bit of pale skin/ cleavage)

is there already a tumblr dedicated to a collection of these shots?

fuckyeahpaleskinsundress.tumblr.com ?

will rep for linx

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