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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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i think it is

i would be honored.

(but seriously i'd probably take a photo of it and post it here) and put it as my profile pic

hey has anybody been banned for a dick profile pic yet?

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how come peoples who bump their music the loudest ie neighbours always bump the shittiest fucking techno whatever euro shit ever

it's a law of shitty neighbors. my neighbors force me to go out on saturday nights, because they blast club remixes of rihanna and kesha all night until 3AM.

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i am almost offended, almost there, becaue farmer didn't post his bmx vid in here.

a sign

haven't been up to date on my sufu viewing. what happened to the random thoughts thread. other then the food it became my favorite. a sign... two to make up for it.

small ramps but looks like a fun park.

so much style at 7:15

edit: Yeah but what happened to the random thoughts thread................

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was looking in photography thread, apparently fade to black2 has been back for a bit

so yeah, does anyone else remember this?

talked a distant cousin of mine who has resorted to turning tricks these days into letting me hit. actually wasn't so much talked into, more like gentle coercion. mother's side, so based on chinese rules it is safe (no incest concept)
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lol it was funny though. had a good read through it again, shit is full of gems:

- some people marry their cousins. he wouldn't, but is aight with fucking his cousin

- gentle coercion -> "she DID end up agreeing to up"

- don't worry it's no big deal, because there have been worse transgressions throughout history

- telling his grandma :confused:


so my supervisor came back from vacation in India, and gave us all these little wallets made of jute. looks like flax. dunno what it is, so i went to wikipedia. which tells me this:

Jute rope has long been popular in Japan for use in bondage.

that's all i need to know

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