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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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lana del rey and asap rocky doing a song together? this finna be next level.

The Dashboards finest son and daughter wedded in unholy overhyped matrimony. They will have a son named Tumblr in memory of their father. The young boy will then marry a skinny girl with gapped teeth and a supreme hat.

The apocalypse is upon us.

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Guest glasses

i always wonder how many people at my school or people i deal with on a regular basis lurk sufu, it's gotta be some of these dudes...

those apcs didn't just appear out of thin air friend. i see you son.

apc is pretty normal lol especially in 'crooklyn'

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Customer I've been crushing on made a return. Got off early from work. Smashed some school teacher in the backseat of my car. Fab day.

Sadly that was all yesterday.

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television shows perpetuate the strangest fantasies

like imagining Jennifer Love Hewitt giving happy endings

or watching chefs cooking impromptu gourmet meals during a thunderstorm

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major space out today at work.

picked up my shit, put on my jacket and started to leave.

I said "bye" to my boss and he said "...bye?"

When I passed my coworkers downstairs they said "ummm where are you going?" I was like, uhhh time to leave? (we clock out at 5:30-6:00)

it was 3pm

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yeah feels good. feels like a fresh new start sorta.

Went to court today earlier for the kid that tried to rob my house. They got him for possesion of firearm, burglary, robbery and possesion of semi automatic weapon (he had a 30 round 9mm clip). Standing on the witness stage and telling the story and watching him squrim/stress made me slightly sympathetic for him hes young like barely 19. He didnt take the plea deal and decided to fight the case with a public defender.

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