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he's gorgeous

i'm dumb but i have just one question (not necessarily to you, just quoting this so we know what subject i'm talking about... too lazy to go back a page...)

so, a lot of that is plastic surgery.

how much of the other contestants is plastic surgery too?

it just seems like, if the other ones aren't using plastic surgery, then yeah she should be banned

and if not, then no, she shouldn't be, because then who cares.

like do other girls in the miss universe pageant use surgery?

idk anything about it

i mean obviously if they aren't then it disqualifies all transgendered women, but like... whats the point of a beauty pageant if you can just pay to look like whatever you want? i guess then it just comes down to "taste" in what you select for yourself and if you can pay for it...

idk cyberpunk world problems

and really no offense meant, just honest questions

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today in my econ we had to demonstrate the law of diminishing returns by doing pushups for a minute in a small space. people would count the total pushups as more people were added. eventually we had to stack on top of one another, all criss crossed, almost like a game of twister. toward the end this one fat bitch volunteered herself to be the next unit of labor. theres already six people trying to do these pushups in the tiny area sectioned off with tape. probably about a 10ft x 4 ft space. the fat girl removed her shoes for some reason, so i spent the rest of the assignment with my face going up and down into her dirty stained feet and some grammy panties. I tried quit, but when I asked my teacher he said id lose credit.

these pushups were strange too. almost like dive bomber ones

T^T why did she volunteer. what a terrible day of class

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Going to Italy this summer... planning on Rome, Florence, and the Naples area. Anyone have any advice, suggestions, etc?

Feel free to PM me.

(And yes, I did check Supertravel but only 1 thread was somewhat helpful.)

I spent a decent portion of the last three years in Rome.

First things first, summer in Rome is terrible. It's hot. It's humid. It's tourist infested. If its your first time in Italy, perhaps it would be nice to see some of the landmarks during the day but at night there are less tourists, it's not as hot, and it's safe. I've never had an issue within Rome. Can't really say much about any other Italian areas. Termini can kinda get sketchy but just use your noggin and you'll be fine.

Within Rome a thread on here has a decent list of things to do. I suggest hitting up different towns outside of Rome as well. I'm a big fan of Grottaferrata and Frascati. The problem is that without a car, it's annoying to get up to the towns in the hills. Another thing to do is to take the train from Termini down to Anzio and Nettuno which are beach towns. While there are a lot of private beaches, there's a decent amount of public ones. The Mediterranean is pretty sweet to swim in.The beaches in Anzio and Nettuno are pretty clean too.

Food wise, honestly you'll find great food all over. Stay off the heavily tourist traffic areas though. Food will be expensive and shitty. The more local and low key a place, the better. In my experience, if they don't have a menu and the waitress and waiter just tell you what they have, chances are you picked a winner.

I will say though you've gotta hit up Pompi in Rome for tiramisu. It's right off the Rei do Roma metro stop. There's always a line but it's so worth it. Eat a banana tiramisu there for me.

Pompi and fresh mozzarella di bufala are the two things I miss most.

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