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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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when I moved out of my apt in september my camera (nikon d40) mysteriously went missing... I thought that maybe during the move it got lost but to be honest I didn't lose anything else, just the camera.

My roommate (that moved in last august, I knew her for a total of 1 month) said she didn't see it.

I kind of lost hope even though my friends and family told me that it was probably her that did it - seeing as she was the only person present in the apartment when I moved out..and it would have been super easy to swipe it in the midst of me moving boxes and painting my room.

I didn't want to blame her because I thought it was a shitty thing to do BUT this bitch JUST put up some photos on facebook of her taking pictures of herself in the mirror with a nikon camera (can see the strap)... I can't make out the model because her finger is in front of it but it is a goddamn dslr and she is not into photography at all - these pictures were all blurry and shit

I casually messaged her and asked her if she had "found my camera" but arghhh I don't know how to go about investigating and/or corroborating if the camera is mine...

damn facebook deleting EXIF data

sufu help what do I do???

Ask her to borrow the camera for a day to take some quick shots of something, since yours got lost. Did you record the serial number, by any chance? Or are there any identifying marks on the camera? Once it's in your possession, if you can positively identify it, you've got her dead to rights.

If nothing else, you'll get to see her squirm.

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here you go


if i don't log in to my free megaupload account, it downloads some 40mb 4 minute video of why i should register. what the flying fuck

edit: it has nothing to do with registration, but it is still pissing me off. got it to work though phew

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footfeet is a terrible user name

for some reason, sufu had never activated any of the accounts i made for the last couple of years. they activated footfeet, so i stuck with it. i got this name because a friend of mine has foot fetish, uses this name elsewhere, and we give him shit for liking feet all the time.

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Meeting new people is great.

Was out last night at a bar, went outside for a smoke with friends, this dude tags along that my friend is trying to get with. Turns out he's cool (no homo) and his friends are out for a party too, drinks flow, good times are had and we end up at his place (again, no homo) for an after party. They turn out to be pretty decent, all pretty interesting people.

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Guest Methimphibian

someone posted a poetry/music video on here a couple months ago made by an amateur about some woman who spent time alone going places, it was on youtube, anyone seen this vid?

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