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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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on this other forum I'm on this du posts pix his god-daughter and insists she's super cute and wondering how to "market a baby's cuteness."

people rip on that baby left and right and then

I am the babies Godfather.. I see her in person, and have seen so many other ugly babies and I think she has the gerber baby look, well I guess I'm biased.. Just thought I could take some possible provisions for her future.. Wasn't thinking I'm gonna get rich, wtf. I don't even like those pictures myself that much and that enlarged one is def a bad pic.. they're just some random christmas pics..

WTF was I thinking posting it on here though? my god I hadn't been on here in soooo long and I forgot....

JJ or any mod delete the thread and ban me forever please.. I ****in hate this place really... Full of the worst kind of people.. All these (adult)kids on here that just emulate the sickness of this society.. This ain't no kind of online community that I want to be part of. You all are sick in the head.

Please ban me forever!!!!!! Or strike me blind so I don't have to see another OT post ever again. It's just makes me dumber.

What a waste of mind.

hahah i feel kind of bad but that baby was ugly, real talk.

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facebook timeline sucks. Not for functionality or anything but looking back on previous posts (05-06), i really blew a lot of opportunities w/females. This was before I understood the subtleties of the horny twenty-something female.

I think im gonna make some wall posts to some girls i havent spoken to in a long time. Wish me well

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