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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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The girl (and her friend) that kicked to the curb for being too immature is still in love with me

And her friend that I find to be, by far, the most annoying person I've ever met (no exaggeration) is talking shit on fb of all places

I can't see all the other shit they're posting because the girl was a little kid about it and defriended me after I said we should stop seeing each other but her profile pictures and comments for the profile pictures are still viewable

I'm going to go show my girlfriend so she can have a laugh

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i couldnt even find a thread in superjetset but anyone got recommendations on a good place to stay in las vegas? a very dear friend of mine with a serious heart condition that makes it so he can't drink / smoke / etc... just turned 21 so as a joke (he's got a weird / great sense of humor) we're taking him to las vegas on a whim on Wednesday for a day and a night and we've got no plans. i havent been to las vegas since i was like 8 years old so if anyone's got ideas / suggestions / whatever i'd appreciate them!

'thanks sufu'

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nah still says privacy settings or video unavailable. add me on fb? evan churchill

added.... :) truly it shouldn't be this difficult to post a fucking video on here.


i had to change my undies <3

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