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  1. Drkshdw Ramones/ - Used in good condition small stain at heel light scuffing on toe and light wear to heel. - Branded Drkshdw removable insole. - Size 41 - 475usd +shipping/paypal - Outsole 29cm fit true to size
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    Taking offers this week on most items + price drops
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    Most items I will accept offers on within the next few weeks. Shipping from Canada, will do international as well. Also potentially open to trades. Rick - http://www.grailed.com/listings/73834-rick-owens-2009-reversed-leather-14-hole A beautiful pair of boots based on my research I am sure these are from s/s2009. I'm pretty sure that they are produced from the last that was created by Maurizio Altieri for Rick with a more bulbous toe box that slims down near the middle, similiar to certain Carpe workboots. The leather on these is extremely thick and stiff the toe feels like there is a piece of steel hidden under the leather, these could do damage if you wanted them to, and the texture of the reversed leather is incredible with a lot of "hairy" leather bits and visible veins. They come with the original old rick box which is HUGE and all black instead of the current drkshdw colour which I can but will require extra to ship. Size 41 They have very few sings of wear a bit a heel drag and the back rubber sole is ungluing which can be fixed at home or by a cobbler for cheap. Some salt marks from this horrible winter which can be removed. They are distressed naturally and have a lot of "furriness" which is, of course, intentional. -600usd 20 dollars within Canada, Send message for international shipping. Helmut Lang - http://www.grailed.com/listings/74662-helmut-lang-og-wrist-strap-jacket Prada era Helmut Jacket Fabric is a brushed almost felt like cotton twill The fit is perfect, not as aggressive as Rick tailoring but very sharp due to the canvased construction, it holds its shape in the body and shoulders. Three semi functional button cuff with two buttons on the inner sleeve to hold the detachable wrist strap. The jacket is very old the straps were very stretched and had lost all elasticity so I personally replaced them with new nylon elastic tape typically used for lingerie, I kept the original button hole tabs. Two front patch pockets four Inner body pockets and one breast pocket, rear middle vent. Size 44 fits tts and maybe a size larger. Will post Measurements soon. -300usd Comme des Garcons / H+ http://www.grailed.com/listings/74273-comme-des-garcons-giant-square-pleated-everythin Big trouble in little china or I wouldn't be selling these incredible shorts from Comme Des Garcons main Women's line fw2013. Fabric is a heavy 100% Poly twill. They have cut the pattern out to be something like size xxxl then double pleated in the front and back in order to get the shorts down to a size M, the pleat captures the front zipper which makes it useless (but its still there) so they added a semi hidden zipper to the back left which looks like its been cut in post production. The hems have a thick double cuff. They almost look like a skirt when worn since the leg opening is so huge. In the winter I have worn them over pants for extra warmth. Two side pockets. No problems to report with these, the fabric is very stronk. Also it comes with a thin houndtooth belt, when I bought these i guess someone had stolen the same fabric belt so they gave me one from another pair but they only had the houndstooth one, Its actually quite nice also. Forgot to photograph it. 15 dollars within Canada, Send message for international shipping. -300usd - http://www.grailed.com/listings/74371-comme-des-garcons-homme-plus-striped-cut-and-sew Simple dip dye striped sweater from 2010. Has been altered to shorten the sleeves. The fabric is really nice like a gauze sort of wool. The fabric tag was taken out when altered. Size M Offers on this are welcome I don't really care I just want some cash for this thing. Terrible photo will be replaced soon. 10 shipping to Canada -50usd - http://www.grailed.com/listings/74667-comme-des-garcons-homme-plus-light-wool-5-pocket-trousers The fabric used for these trousers are the highlight, very subtle check weave and super light weight 75wool25poly. Cut like a pair of jeans with back patch pockets and jean style front pockets. Rubber tire button and zip front closure. They are cropped above the ankle with a straight leg. Size M 10 shipped in Canada, international please message. -100usd - Reinhard Plank - Felt wool Artista hat Size L about 60cm in circumference can be worn with the brim down all around or just in the front or back, very thick fabric 10 dollars within Canada Send message for international shipping. -150usd - Engineered Garments - http://www.grailed.com/listings/73838-engineered-garments-check-blazer Blazer with four outer patch pockets and four inner pockets, neck tab with a button, lapel button, I used to wear this a lot. Really well made as is most EG stuff with some interesting tailoring choices. One piece darted sleeve which has a nice slim fit that finishes with closed sergeon cuffs, the sleeve was finished with a proper cuff and then the buttons were sewn ontop to keep it closed. there was a rip right under the top button that I had repaired last winter, to be honest the repair doesnt look super great on close inspection but since its sort of hidden by the button you cant really tell. Which I just realized i forgot to photograph but I will do so tomorrow. 10 dollars within Canada, Send message for international shipping. -75usd
  4. Selling a bunch of stuff I no longer wear, I'm trying to keep the prices low because I would like this all to sell asap. Shipping included in Canada prices in USD, paypal only buyer covers fees. Open to offers and reductions for multiple items. CDGH+ double lapel Jacket F/W2009 Made in Japan 100%wool Used/Good Size M 150USD Rick Owens wedges F/W2013 Made in Italy Suede/Reversed leather Not worn outdoors - with box Size 41 Female SOLD Helmut Lang Jeans Duvet Year Unknown - From when Lang was still running the brand Made in Italy 55%cotton45%nylon - Inner 55%nylon45%polyester - filling - 100%goose down Size 48 SOLD Junya Watanabe sweater S/S2009 Made in Japan Cotton/Wool Worn - two small holes Size L - fits medium SOLD CDGH+ Ruffle sleeve shirt S/S2012 Made in Japan 100%cotton Worn/Good Size S 50USD \ CDGH+ Shirt F/W2006 Made in Japan Cupro lining fabric velvet embroidery Worn/Good - discoloration at neck Size S SOLD Mihara Yasuhiro Derby S/S2008? Made in Japan Suede Worn/Good - vibram Size 38 - fits big 100USD Number (N)ine Patchwork coat F/W 2007 Made in Japan 90%wool10%nylon Worn/Good Size 3 Off Market for now.
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    WAYWT destroyed my life (2014)

    Honestly dude, get the fuck out of here with your homophobia.
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    Rick Owens

    it seems that the prisoner jacket has elastic cuffs while the slave has button cuffs.
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    IDM Changed Kiya's Life

    Genuinely interested in what exactly you would consider to be shitty Aphex?
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    canada :: toronto :: general

    I would go to rhum corner with as many people as you can and drink pina coladas and eat delicious food. Also go to guuu and drink huge beers and eat delicious food. If you are there on a weekend go to Kensington market and go to seven lives for tacos and wait in line and then eat delicious tacos.
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    canada :: montreal :: general

    Which tailor was that? I have been told that waxman on parc is good although I haven't gone myself. I would not recommend le planche a repasser, I was recommended to them by someone who I trusted and was very disappointed they ignored my request to have a repair darned and just went over the whole a bunch of times with thick thread and I had to bring back something because the seam they resewed was not straight and therefor buckled. They apologized and did the repairs for no charge but still. I also normally go to alterations mike because 75% of the time he does great work and isnt super expensive, but again I have been disappointed with some results and when I bring them up to him he makes some excuse. The thing I have noticed about tailors here is that they just go ahead and do whatever they think is best and then surprise you with something you didn't expect, lack of communication.. Maybe I am going to the wrong people but I have yet to find anywhere that I want to return to consistently.
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    Rick Owens S/S 15 - Paris

    I want to take this opportunity to thank BILL for contributing everything he does to this forum! Also I really loved this rick collection. I love that he brought back elements of his older seasons like the unhemmed denim with great washes, and stuff like the slings have been reimagined. I dont see any of this as new or "unrick" or anything, he started showing his collections with color and oversized shapes. Do people forget that he designed a collaboration for eastpak or that he was the head designer of revillon? I think this adidas this is the best it could be, It made me buy my first pair of adidas shoes ever. Rick has used the model of nike for his "dunks" and "geobaskets" and converse for his "ramones" so why is using anything adidas somehow unacceptable? If you dont like the shoes that is, of course, fine, but to condemn the entire company to being destroyed by a simple collaboration considering the history of this company I think is A. unintelligent and B. useless. This collection puts him more in the direction of Walter and Bernhard. all of this could, should and will be worn to underground gay clubs all over the world and it will be amazing! All that being said sign me right up for oversized denim overall/sleepingbag and metallic silver running boots. actually sign me up for everything pink shorts included!
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    Rick Owens S/S 15 - Paris

    does your terrible attitude not get enough appreciation attention on sz?
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    Recent Purchases 2014

    that thermomix needs more +rep
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    Montreal Meetup?

    doing the mutek weekend, jw how many others are