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  1. Doing some cleaning, and wanted to share my collection for the evo thread. Forgot to include the Flat Heads in some of the retired pics, but the resolution came out great so I kept those in. Retired: Dry Bones Red-D Slim, size 28: purchased from self-edge in 2008. worn 2-3 years with several washes and 2 repairs Aika Jin, size 29: Worn 1-2 years with 2 washes. Made with zimbabwe cotton. Regular fit, sized down, and tapered up the leg on non-selvedge side to match Dry Bones measurements with a bit more room in the thighs/seat. Still wearable but the back yoke will need reinforcement at some point. Samurai S710xx, 30: recently repaired at selfedge and may return to wearing these when I lose some weight! Flat Head 3001, 30: recently sold, which prompted me to take photos of my collection before it's gone! Warehouse Lot 900, 30: No longer fit me after washing and up for sale. In the rotation: 6. 3sixteen SL-220X, 31: worn infrequently, 2 soaks 7. 3sixteen 32BSP Shadow Selvedge, 31: 1 soak. I fell off a bike going 10-12mph. The left knee faded, but my knee was unscathed! 8. Studio D'Artisan SD-107, 32: my favorite fitting pair. Generous pocket size and room in the seat for a slim straight/slight taper below the knee pair of denim. 9. Fullcount 1101xx, 30: purchased at the Fullcount store in Shibuya in July 2018. I didn't intend on purchasing a pair of denim this day, but one of the Fullcount employees moved from France to Japan to get more involved with selvedge denim. I couldn't help but support someone more into it than myself! I have yet to wash any of these in the washing machine, having only soaked them once or twice since I purchased them. Will update whenever I do decide to give them a rinse. I expect the 32BSP and SD-107 in particular to show more contrasting fades, as I've put the most wear in those two. Denim tops: 10. Triple Works/Iron Heart TWSH-102, Small: Soaked twice, need to remind myself to work this into the rotation more often. Great lighter 7.5oz weight for Fall/Spring season. 11. Apolis x Styleforum x Context Black Denim Shirt Jacket, Small: 2 soaks, 2 washes. I wore this most days during college for 1-2 years. The waxed black cotton is mostly gone, except in the unexposed areas like under the collar. The fading reveals more of the indigo weft, seen in the close-up picture. Love the reinforced armpits/elbow, and would still wear this piece occasionally, for concerts.
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