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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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Got a super last minute job this afternoon n got paid more than I make in 2 short days of work for 30min of my time~~~~~

Need more clients like that!!!

And then I blazed~~~~

I'm too motherfucking cool for this earth :cool:

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I wish there was an ice cream shop near here..

And there's no doubt an attractive candidate is going to have an edge over a less-attractive option regardless of experience. It's unfortunate, but people want good looking faces representing their company

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tried to make pad thai and it's horrible.

last time im trying to make asian food. i shall stick to burgers and other kinds of american food

lol same exact thing happened with me this summer. The most exotic I cook now is trader joes ready made warm up in oven indian food (which is delicious btw)

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