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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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has anyone tried windows 8 yet?

I installed it last week at work, drivers are autodetect like win7. It's only a demo right now so none of the tiles have an actual target program to run except IE9. It's basically the same look as Windows7 except the start menu is now that tile screen. If anyone uses WP7, the same tile menu works exactly the same with pin/unpin. But without a touch-screen digitizer on your...monitor, I really don't see Windows8 being a big hit for system-builders. I think it will be up to the laptop OEMs to decide whether to use it or not.

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i went downstairs out of my building for a cigarette. i'd met some people in my building because they were smoking out the fire escape so they were telling me to come up and hang out. ended up having two glasses of wine and a gin and tonic and they are the most chill people ever. totally random but super cool.

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^ always nice to find new ppl to chill w/! still trying to do that here, but I'm awkward......

so in applying for some pro discounts online, I'm filling out these pdfs and i get to the signature area and think FUCK I'm gna have to print it out, sign it then scan and email...until i play w the macbook and realize there's a signature capture!!!!!!!


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