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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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Last night, I dreamed that this girl I know had nice teeth because she used to have braces. I was all like, "damn, the dentist hooked your shit up", and she was like, "thanks". This morning, I decided to facebook stalk her to see if her teeth were as nice as I dreamed. When I got to her page, her status was about how she's got Invisalign. Maybe I'm psychic or something. Also, her teeth look pretty good in all of her pics, so idk why she even needs Invisalign.

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i had a pretty rough week, probably was the most intense week of school so far. two super long homework assignments, a quiz, an exam, and a composition. had an gnarly anxiety attack on wednesday night before going to a study group (study buddy and i just said fuck it and ended up drinking beers instead). thursday i manage to put my key upside down in my apartment door and she-hulk snapped the mother fucker in half. ended up staying at my study buddy's place for the night. slowly getting used to university life.


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