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I looked all over and now this is my Somet collection :)

008 (blue) in 3 sizes (27 faded, 28 faded, and 29 new).  28 fits the best and the other 2 are my skinny and fat jeans 

005 (black) in size 30 which feels really close to the size 28 or 29 008 in the hips and upper thigh, just with a higher rise.  from mid-thigh down it's wayyyy too big for me though so I'm going to get these tapered and hemmed, and then they'll be perfect.  

I might want to buy: 018 in size 28 or 29 with 34" or longer inseam.  

for sale because I didn't check the measurements carefully enough: brand-new Somet 003 in size 27 with tags. Can't even get it over my thighs and hips.  I feel like 008/018 is roomier in the upper thigh and hips, and 003/005 is roomier from the knee down. But upper thigh and hip is where I need room, so whoops.


I also ended up with an almost-new Flat Head Balder in size 31 that fits me perfectly, apparently those shrank so much in the first soak that the previous owner couldn't keep fading them, but they're perfect for me ...couldn't resist that while I was looking. 

I buy too many jeans geez

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4 hours ago, machine-language said:


I buy too many jeans geez

you are in good company here!

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these are my Somet 005 black jeans size 30 that I got on sale 60% off at BIG... I just mailed them off for a taper and hem, I want them to be like a slim straight fit that stacks on the top of my boots instead of draping over the boots towards the floor. so I measured some other jeans that stack just like I want. hopefully they will turn into my favorite black jeans when they come back



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