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    Yes, they and Haven have Veilance. You can also order from SSENSE with free shipping/returns. Since you're within Canada, it'll be delivered in 2 business days. No good food in that area of downtown. Forget it. Toronto was only the financial capital of Canada from the 70s onward, and only a "global city" in the past decade or so, so no starred restaurants. Best food within the city that's not Chinese or Indian (gotta hit the suburbs for that) will be on Queen West, Ossington between Queen and Dundas, Dundas West, College, Harbord, Bloor West. Tbh with you coming from Europe, everything here is a pale and at times overpriced imitation. That said, here are some faves. Getting around by TTC downtown is easy! Don't feel restricted to the condo zone where that office is. The Little Jerry Skippa El Rey
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