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ROY X CONE contest, 1.1.11 - 2.1.12

Paul T

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I think denim jackets when worn well have better fading than jeans.

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oh shit apparently when Roy says "size sample" he means "a jacket that I actually made for you to see if it fits right"! I assumed it was going to be some jacketscraps he had laying around that we would use for gauging sizing on the real thing.

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damn, that is something alright! totally not what i expected. was it a "you can make me whatever you deem fit" or did you have a say in how it was going to turn out? waiting for more pictures! what is the status of this btw?

Roy asked if I had specific requests as far as the design but I told him I'd rather he do what he thinks is cool. I offered a couple suggestions (mostly regarding fit) after trying on the sample, though.

The kitenge-lined pockets were Roy's idea =)

lined indigo duck field jacket?


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I think Robbie, Ranon, ADH and TG could join me on a world tour... would probably be comically small on the rest of you cats!

I'm in! 37inch chest reporting for duty.

sunken chest reporting for duty...

nice jacket!

i wasnt untill now as i was thinking denim jacket and im not that much of a denim jacket girl...


[ creepy chan giff if i could be bothered finding one ]

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How so? I'd say neither is better nor worse, just different.

I'm not gonna even dignify this with a response.

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ok folks, sorry for my lack of participation these first two months, please don't hold it against me. i really love the feel of these jeans, and the cut is amazing although i could have used one size down and a few inches more inseam. i am really digging everyone's contribution so far, i hope we all can keep it up. their are some really good posters here, but i feel like i just might have a chance at winning this things, but to be honest i feel as though i have already won just by getting the chance to participate and wear a pair of these jeans. the inclusion is enough of a prize. keep up the good work and lets have some fun. thanks to those for setting this up, and roy for his skilled hands and design.

here is my fit

five bros






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That's right, you're two months behind. Lot to make up for.

Nice haircut! What did you do with the leftover bits?

Oh you mean these bits? Removed for the before I was in a friends wedding, and donated to Locks of Love. It was my 3rd donation and last. My hair was so unfamiliar with the lack of weight that it was everywhere. The gals convinced me to use product to tame



What a grumpy looking gang

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