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^yuppp ordo got that pinhole skilll.

thanks for the kind comments everyone!!


for the people wanting to know the PS film effect.

this is one way i used to do it.. screen shots for each step:

step 1

make a new curves layer and make the image dark by dropping the graph bar

step 2

make a new exposure layer, all these layers vary depending on the light in the picture but to give it the hazy light effect amp up the 'offset'

step 3

create a new 50% gray layer(layer>new>layer>check 'fill with 50% gray',mode: soft light) then add a noise filter layer, the noise amount again can depend but '20-30' is a good start

step 4

filter>blur more, i repeated this step like 3-4 times until you get the softness of the noise, and you can also change the opacity of it so its not too strong

this really depends on the way the picture is taken. it works best for a hard lighting picture. you can really fuck with the settings anyway..

i dont do it this way anymore because now i export to lightroom and do my coloring stuff there and in LR3 it has a noise filter and there i control it.

word... people might hate it. mimicking film but whatever. ill be shooting film soon. damnit!!

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