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Burgus Plus world tour


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As soon as I saw Ranon had done an update, I was drawn - like a moth to a flame... I didn't fight it this time - I got a full plate before I started reading :)

Wonderful updates, my friend! I am really enjoying seeing slices of your life in beautiful Singapore.

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soooo, today is 17th October 2010. i officially received them in sydney on the 22nd of September 2010 although it reached my place in Singapore earlier than that. so whats the plan?

i know lendo wanted to do his league together with the DD+2 tour but paul is still currently holding on to them. whats the consensus here?

1) ship it to lendo now and he could hold on to it for 2 months if he would like to.

2) i could hold on to them for another month if nobody objects, but updates are generally going to be hard because of the schedule.

3) ship them to someone else who is ready to take them for the month of OCT-NOV.

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heres a really quick update for today, nursing a cold but had to go to work anyway but still wanted to put something up because its the only 2 days i make posts on this thread! love this thread!


so today my mom made lunch as she does every sunday. today she made pineapple fried rice which is admitedly one of my favourite of her dishes. something really simple as well since the family doesnt place much emphasis on having amazing lunches but just as good. really quick to whip up with pineapple cubes, rice and cashew nuts. i love the combination and colour and of course the taste. everybody should try this at home sometime!


after that i had to get to work. weather has been hot and cold lately but mostly humid. this morning we had a heavy downpour but when i left home it was blazing hot. heres what i noticed when i was crossing the road to get to the bus stop.


dont see it in the picture above this one? well, we have our cool friends rocking cool and fake evisu and lee denim! rocking it! thing is that in singapore, a large number of evisu wearers actually purchase fakes. not that everyone does or not that i do, but come on this is southeast asia!


waited forever for the bus to arrive today, usually they're pretty on schedule and its a 15 minute wait between rides but today i had to wait 25 minutes. yes, i have a penchant of complaining. haha.


got a denim shot while on the ride to work. indigo is the shitttt.


got off at my transiting stop which is right in the heart of chinatown. singapore's chinatown is really pretty huge and theres a lot of activity going on which i would love to show and definitely a lot of good and cheap food. i cant show you guys what there is today but in near future when i get the chance i definitely will! full of hidden gems.


got to work and had to straighten up some of the stuff in the shop since they were displaced the night before since i was in a rush to leave.


this is the denim bag that we sell which i posted a while back. colour rubs off though so im a little wary of using mine. spent the day serving customers and doing this:


gave me some inspiration and a chance to while away a bit of my time when the shop was empty instead of trawling supermarket the whole time. haha.


this is my stash of leather goods i brought along with me today. triangle coin pouch made by chris_n was the first item i ever bought on superfuture, so it has some memories. funny how i thought about how weird it was to pay upfront and wait for someone halfway round the world to send the item to me based on trust. so far everything has been great though, no bad deals or scammers. fingers crossed! also there is the keyhook zissou made me, which is really holding up so well i wouldnt hesitate to replace it with another one he made if it ever fell apart. of course there was also my corter camera pouch i got customed for my camera since the generic pouches that ricoh makes were pretty ugly. if you want you can check out some more detailed shots here.

today was a really short day at work and i ended at 7pm thankfully so it was off home after work! no frolicking around and stuff, not today with the cold!

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view from the lift landing on the 9th floor from where i live.


made my way down to my floor and met some neighbours who thought i was a little weird, taking pictures of the signage and the view from the lift landing. i think they might suspect im some creep.


home sweet home! time for me to hit the sack tonight. i'll try to update midweek or something again!


oh yeah and of course here is a WDYWT pic. shirt is tight from food. time to exercise soon. haha.

stay safe superhomies!

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alright, waddup burgus world tour thread. i have let this thread slide into oblivion. sadly, i have been caught in the inefficieny of the real world with backlogging of work. in all honesty it is shite because i go to work everyday but still have to backlog work. nonsense! to ease into the weekend, i have brought everybody an installment of what these burgus world tour jeans have been doing!


today i had a little time before work, so i decided to run some errands. had lunch as usual but today i bought lunch instead from near where i live. got these noodles with minced meat, charsiew, cut chilli and spring onions. the simplest meals sometimes are the nicest. i think i've posted these before somewhere but in all honesty, they taste great! let me buy you one if you ever come to singapore to meet me.


headed out to grab a train ride to my destination. as usual, it is hot as hell but recently we singaporeans who seem to be amazed by every little single event in our country, have been experiencing haze from the neighbouring indonesia. apparently caused by the forest fires, i can't really imagine how smoke can travel that far but as you can see its a litty misty-ish/foggy-ish. i'd like to think of it as the UK but hotter. a lot hotter. deluded old me.


this is the train station. above old woman is not related to me nor barney but shes just there. you can tell how hot it is from the sweat on her back. recently (many months ago) we the government decided to install these sliding doors that only open up when they train gets here. in the past, it used to be wide open. because of this stupid invention, the station gets hotter than it already is because the wind gets cut off. why were these doors installed you might ask? singaporeans are a creative bunch. while we might not be as creative as sylvia plath, who decide to kill herself by sticking her head in an oven, a few of my fellow countrymen have decided to leap off onto the tracks to choose to get run over by the train in this spectacular method of suicide. to prevent this, the government put in place these doors, which in turn results in an increase in transportation costs, which in turn stresses us out, which in turn results in more suicide cases. next you will find the government blunting every knife in singapore.


on to the next place, my destination. amazingly full of old people because there is a temple nearby + this really old food centre that i think old people are used to congregating at (think self edge party for the knitting club). occasionally you will find the oddball here, trying to peddle off some "wonderful" medicated oil for ailments. today they decided to be bums.


finally i get some reprive from the heat and enter the building. this is some chinese provisional shop selling dry goods. dry scallops, seahorses, chrysanthemum flowers, the usual chinese ding dongs. seems to be a busy day for them today. dont usually see this place that crowded.


here, there are numerous shops selling watches. you have the hipster/70 year old woman/foreign worker buying watches here. not sure what the big deal is though. but yes, they have a wide selection to choose from.


i went to get my bell and ross/breitling/iwc watch battery changed (no im just kidding. its a cheap casio battery i replaced). had to scour around for a bit to get the best price. at one of the shops, i was quoted $10. this one quoted me $5 for a quick fix. nasty buggers when my watch only cost me $15. i paid up and was more than happy to be able to exchange my $5 for a priceless commodity.


decided to drop off my film that i shot back in sydney a few weeks back nearby. hope to see my shots soon. the building above is right across the road called sim lim square. its one hell of a cheap place to buy computer peripherals. but do take note that there are A LOT of rouge businessmen and this place can be a tourist trap. prices can get really really really low though since there are so many shops and it is so competitive. if you are on holiday, do ask me along because if you are a white man/lady you are more than likely to get overcharged sadly. it happens to locals too so don't be too alarmed. however, do make it a point NOT to buy games/consoles/cameras here. i believe there are better places around. however if you are panning for a hard disk to store your denim pictures, it is worth it.


to get out of the heat and to cool down, i decided to head nearby to grab a quick snack and energy boost before work. this is the best place and absolute best place in singapore to grab a fried dough fritter (its actually called a butterfly) and a cold soy beancurd. the beancurd is so amazingly smooth and sweet and makes a great snack for the day. it helps that this stall operates till late. i WILL recommend this to anyone and everyone. cheap and good!

followed the stopover with work back at the shop. today was a relatively quiet day because of the rain and the shorter hours and i spent the day trawling the superthrash thread which i honestly seldom do. cross my heart! i believe most of you have already seen pictures of the shop so i shall leave it at that. sat through the 6 hour shift and home sweet home after that. no fit pics today but these are wearing in nicely. i hope to be sending them out soon though since the next few weeks are going to get hectic, so probably its going to be even harder to update.


the family friend here bids goodnight to all! will try to update soon! cheerrrs!

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feeling extremely guility for the lack of a proper update for a week, which has led the thread to go down to page xx (insert number), today i have decided to do an update. i apologise for the lack of it in recent times, since things have been pretty stale, not that today wasnt.. but thats another excuse altogether.

continuing from my last post, today i went to visit the grandpa in the hospital. been taken ill for sometime now but good to see him getting better from the last time i saw him. no pictures of that unfortunately but heres me at home getting packed before heading out.


note that the magazine is not mine but to be delivered to a colleague at work. thats probably about most of my EDC. got a leatherman micra today and happy that it fits great into my pockets.


this is the closeup shot of how the denim looks like now. it WILL turn out amazing over the course of the next 12 months or so. i swear.


getting a shot in better lighting for the sake of the sanity of everyone whos on the tour. how most of the guys on the list are still active and all!

so yes, after the whole hospital episode, i went out to run some errands.


so heres me at the train station with above cool guy sashaying in denim and cap. -_-


got off at my stop and headed straight out of the station and saw weird happenings. seriously it is a fucking humid country i live in and people are making out beside a dustbin at 6pm (peak hour) where everyone uses the footpath. how glam.


while at the traffic light i decided to show you guys this in case some of you decide to drive while on holiday or if you move here. this is called an ERP gantry. pretty fascinating thing. shit was invented and if you own a car you have to get one of this card reader things and have a cashcard in the reader. everytime you pass the gantry, it deducts a certain amount from your card. shit was meant to improve traffic conditions and try to cut down on congestion but i think its lame because it only re-routes the heavy traffic to other areas without the gantry and causes other areas to jam up. also i think its a ploy by the government to suck money from its people.


also at the traffic light, you see these people on bicycles and beside them they pull along yellow boxes. apparently they are called trishaws and are a touristy thing, so you basically hop on and pay them some money (not too sure if its expensive) and they cycle around the city areas and take you sightseeing or something. but dont expect a guided tour. they're just basically a short distance mode of transport. in the olden olden days, people used to pull them by humans and were called rickshaws. fascinating how the wheel has changed our society completely. :rolleyes:


walked past a tentage where usually they put up shows during public holidays and tomorrow is a public holiday (deepavali – hindu religious holiday) so i get a free day off from work anyway. not that i will come here to watch but its usually song and dance by old folks.


collected some of the pictures that i took while on holiday many weeks back. shot them on film which i will show you guys later on. nothing -z- or farhad-like just some humble shots. great camera, pity i sold it when i was tight on funds. now i want it back!

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a marvellous piece of architecture nearby. one of the guys on this board, ninja07 was the one working on this. lovely i must say. he posted it a while back in the WAYJDT thread, so you might want to check it out.


another picture albeit not a good one of it.


headed down to the same place i was at last week for some soy beancurd. (damn i am a boring guy) but it was really good for shitty weather. humid and sticky it was. cold food for reprive.


they had fried dough stuff and this one is called butterfly because they come in pairs and resemble butterfly wings (not really :confused:) but yeah, when hot its delicious.


they had curry puffs as well. pastries filled with chicken chunks and egg in thick curry. not really a thick curry sauce but it is curry flavoured. not good at explaining but you have to try to know! didnt buy these though.


after that, headed to the store to drop off some stuff. this shop is owned by the same boss as the store i work at. so we pretty much know each other at the store. they've got a sale on right now 50% so any of you guys who like ninja steeze can hit me up via PM to let me know what i can do for you.


they've got brands like these.


and these.

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and these.....


most of the stuff are brands like silent by damir doma, rokin footwear, stamp'd, f-troupe and stuff like that.


favourite part of the shop was how they displayed the shoes.


shoes on top of shoes! pretty ingenious way i must say. after that i headed home for a much needed rest from the hot hot heat.


of course a what i wore today pic. WHATS NEW? NOTHING! i wear the same thing all the time.

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feeling extremely guility for the lack of a proper update for a week....

:mad: You should feel guilty - I've been having ranon withdrawal symptoms all week!!!

Just kidding my friend - nice to see you back in fine form! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be armchair travellers, and see things that most tourists would miss! :)

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hello all, its the lazy bum in me again. i have sadly allowed this thread to slip into page 4. shame on me! updating this thread has been hard but i've got an update tonight so hope you guys enjoy it!

today is a sunday and as usual its work day again. but today turned out slightly more interesting than the rest of the days.


super packed train ride on a sunday wasn't what i was expecting. sundays are days where people are supposed to stay in, read a book and do stuff like baking (i dont know). today felt like rush hour.


that's me in the train with hardly any room. note how people in my country love open toe footwear. its almost like shoes were never invented here! i dont know why but people love wearing their slippers out. EVERYWHERE.


got off at my stop, city hall station, to find that it was raining. heavily. running in it would be idiotic even though i was almost late for work. but i doubt anyone would be waiting for the shop to open. so i did what i had to do.


round the corner was a levis store. not some mega ultra amazing one which stocked a huge LVC range, but i try to make do with the time i have waiting for the rain to subside.


great look they have going on here. heavily washed denim paired with a brand new raw jacket. jacket looks great though, wouldnt say so about the jeans. didnt check out the price, saving my money for something else.


said 1955s and 1947s sitting in a glass case. ninja07 told me he bought a pair here and damn he was lucky because the only sizes they had left were 36 and 38. which might fit me in another few years (i hope not). price is crazy at $399SGD though. even with that $100 trade in thing going on, these are still crazy expensive. but the 1955s seemed to fit so good on ninja07.


found some 505s. not too sure if they were LVCs but it was supposed to be because it was in the LVC section. whats the deal going on with the tag with japanese text? anybody shed some light?


of course with some time to spare, i had to try on something. tried on a flannel shirt but meh didn't work out. fit was off, so of course i had to get a photo op. making use of the fitting room is ace.


time check. i was pretty damn late. 25mins late for work, so i had to get wet since i didnt have an umbrella with me. bad way to start the day. late, rain, no LVC for me.


they say good things come in pairs. damn, bad things come right after one another. when i got into the shop i realised the wall we had broken down into bare tiles was leaking. there wasn't a way to stop the leakage, water was just seeping through the walls. so i did what any good employee would do.

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i trekked back in the rain to grab ice cream at this japanese place called MOF (Ministry of Food). :confused: haha i was already wet and it was humid even though it was raining and the shop was leaking, so what was i supposed to do?! well, haven't tried the food here but i used to have dessert here all the time.


anything japanese is good. i swear. even the ice cream tastes better. not exactly cheap but green tea ice cream with rice balls, kanten jelly and red bean was too hard to resist.


do not let its slushy look turn you off. you will be amazed by how good it tastes! a little sweet but i havent figured out where else i could find this. rice balls were so chewy, should have topped up a dollar to get more.


got back to the shop and investigated the new denim we were carrying. unbranded brand. huge leather patch was a turn off and the fits were too skinny. but seemed like a great competitor to APC with the dirt cheap price.


here is the shop for a bit. i dont think i have shown a picture of this but the owner of this shop must have been in a bit of a mad hatter phase 4 years ago when it started. hanging chairs and all. i like the interiors of the shop a lot though.


a bunch of free magazines that come in every month. note the use of yoshitomo nara here. "why is our visual arts scene so frustrating?". true true true. singapore it is!


sat about the shop since nobody was going to come in with this dreadful weather. really being the employee of the year i am. hahaha.


also realised how anything these days are chainstitched. this cheap uniqlo shirt i paid for was chainstitched at the sleeves. i doubt it was done on a union special though.


did some housekeeping around the shop and found some random stuff to photograph. safety pins...

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weird looking box which said something in chinese although i have no idea what. we kept rubber bands in them. great artwork but i wonder what it was used for. judging from the courtesan in the picture and the size of the box, i have good reason to suspect they were used to keep ancient chinese condoms from maybe 200 years ago? rad if you ask me. haha.


knocked off work after that i met a friend for dinner. along the way, we found a new store. a new surprise that would no doubt get singaporeans excited for a while. hershey's world it was called. they sold all kinds of chocolate and merch. flashbacks of charlie and the chocolate factory ensued.


we could never find reese in singapore in the past but great way to go to building a nation of fatties!


can i find my golden ticket to redeem a trip to visit johnny depp's lair where he locks and tortures almostnice after he gets off from work at a redwing store?


more chocolate. amazing stuff. i need my fix on a banana split sundae now.


headed for dinner after that nearby. place was shit hard to find even though it was located in a crowded and commercialised mall. it was tucked away secretly in a little corner.


the birthplace of miso ramen they call it. from the looks of it i was anticipated for some fantastic food!


typical "authentic" japanese dining table setting.


quite a little bit to read while you make your order and wait for the food as it arrives.


and so i got the house special ramen where they had noodles in hard or "not-so-hard" wtf. i chose hard because real men eat hard noodles. wasn't that bad, but wasn't fantastic either. could be more generous with the helping of pork though. 2 miserable slices was all i got. like seriously? soup was tasty though. have tasted better ramen in singapore.

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