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Burgus Plus world tour


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sorry for the lack of updates over the past few days, but time was spent with the loved one, just staying home and cooking and watching tv, so these jeans didnt see much action. so, yesterday was the last day in sydney and i had only half a day there. but i tried to maximize whatever time that i had.


woke up early to go have blueberry pancakes at glebe. it was at this vegan cafe called badde mannors (i think its pronounced bad manners but who knows). been here on my last trip to sydney, somehow the pancakes became smaller, but it was still great nonetheless. nothing nicer than pancakes with maple syrup in the early morning with someone you love.


had fresh orange juice to wash the pancakes all down. mmm yum and great combination of food!


after that, we walked around the area and walked past restaurant atelier. if you remember from my previous post a while back, there was a night where we went to this french restaurant for dinner. this is the same place and apparently today in conjunction with oktoberfest (or sydney food festival. im not too sure about this one), they were having a little grilled meats sale. i love sausages (no pun), so i couldnt pass on this.


got a sausage sandwich thing with loads of fresh vegetables. absolutely love the food here and the sausages were as good as it could get. such a great bun.


then went over to the weekly glebe saturday flea. they have loads of stuff here but mostly the same stuff every weekend. the vibe here is great, with lots of stores selling stuff like clothes, bags, food, accessories, books and things like that. nice place to be around on a saturday morning.


they had a bookstore selling used books, didnt pick anything up since i knew i was probably already over-baggage so didn't want more trouble.


some handmade jewellery by some people. not my kind of thing but there are some really nifty stuff here.


gf was scouring for rings and stuff, didnt find anything good today though.


some leather belts. most of them seem a little old and all, i cant tell if they're used or bought cheap from thrift stores but the owner was thai, so probably she bought them cheap from bangkok and sold them here. most are girl's belts though. nothing tanner/corter-ish kind. some fakes as well.


had a small rack selling denim shorts/skirts for girls as well. of course the nerd didn't get the better of me. i didnt pick anything up from this store ok?

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had a used record store as well. if i had a vinyl player, this would be heaven. lots of good stuff though they dont come really cheap. they have old cds as well. owner seems to have a pretty decent music taste.

after this, we had to leave since i had to go home to get ready to pack and clean up to get ready for my flight.


so this was the time where i had to leave. said goodbye to the gf and boarded the cab to the airport. sad :(


passed by some familiar places on my journey there. brought back lots of memories. but well, this holiday had to come to an end didnt it. i'll be back again though for sure!

did the usual check-in procedures and stuff then walked around duty free for a bit.


saw some nice shirts in here but they were too expensive for me to buy. reminded me of ethandesu though. bugger is probably too busy now making money to be here!


sat in the plane and waited for take off and thought about all the good times in sydney. wonderful place and i've met some nice people, so this was a good holiday.


took off and said goodbye to sydney!


then sadly i was confined to this narrow space for the next 8 hours. damn lousy inflight entertainment and bad food! reached home after that and passed out straight!

back in singapore now. thank you sydney for a good time! :)

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so the sad life in me has decided to finally come out today, so heres an update!

the next day after i reached back in singapore after flying back from sydney last week, the burgus world tour pants decided to meet an old friend to go with him to grab some stuff.

so we went to this audiophile shop called JABEN where they sell high end and top notch earphones. im not such a big fan since the wallet isnt such a big fan but its the first time ive been there so it was kind of like a virgin experience. if you're wondering, this place is like the "real-life-superfuture" for audio freaks. they've got earphones of all kinds and mostly you see some really young kids with loads of daddy's money to spare.


there you have all these products. some of you might recognise them but i dont. people there spoke in codes and numbers and i was just pretty much hanging around minding my own business.


more audiophile material while hanging around.


there i sit and watch this dude try out his earphones for like what? 45 mins? he might just have as well gone and brought his own tent to pitch and his MP3 collection. my friend is at the back, waiting for some personalised service since he's paying that much.


there he is. hes getting some wax trickled into his ear so that when the wax hardens, it results in a mould that would fit perfectly into his ears and cut off all outside sound. so essentially its having the perfect pair customed to your ears. if you cant comprehend that, think of it as you standing up and theres some machine that looms cotton threads onto you, creating the ultimate skinny jean. thats what it is. the damage? approx 1200USD. damn, i could do and buy a lot of wishlist shit with that.

so that was how my sunday ended last week, followed by a week of crazy madness at work.

today before work, i decided it was finally time to give these bad boys a wash! after such a terribly long tour it was time for them to get washed and the reason why i put them off after so long was that i was living in somebody else's house and didnt want their washing machine to turn blue. haha.


so they were off to meet their maker


dumped them in without turning them inside out because i didnt want the machine to screw up aho's hard work! threw in normal soap powder, not your fancy sugarcane whatchamacallit soap. haha.


time to hit some water!

and after 30 mins of hard washing and waiting, they were finally done.


oh damn, so i turned the inside of my washing machine blue. my mom is gonna kill me but it had to be done anyway.


off to hang out in the sun with the rest of the laundry. they're going to turn out nice and stiff again.


fuck yeah! hope to drop in another update soon. cheers superdenimnerds!

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so here are some post wash pics to reflect how much they have faded. these are turning out to be really nice and if i had the money, i would buy these babies in a heartbeat. they are so good! i have included measurements at the end of the post for those who are interested.






after washing, the whiskering seems to turn to an electric shade of blue. i love how they are almost parallel. really nice fade colour. colour of the denim now is awesome as well.


not much evo at the back with the exception of the area closer to the bottom and the crotch area. they have faded considerably. the backpockets are still pretty clean mostly due to the fact that i dont use backpockets since it stinks up my wallet.


majority of the fading happens close the the ends of the coinpocket and around the waistband. cool.


nothing wrong with the leather patch and it is my second favourite part of these jeans.


dont worry aho, the silk screened burgus plus logo is still amazing. thanks for that hard work!


now for my favourite part of these. the roping is turning out so lovely on the right leg.


and the left leg as well! i was really surprised how different they came out after the wash. very very very nice.


and finally for a macro shot of the roping.


waist: 30 inches

inseam: 32.5 inches

front rise: 9.5 inches

back rise: 12 inches

upper thigh: 11 inches

knee: 8 inches

hem: 7.5 inches

these were given a cold machine wash and hung to dry. dont be alarmed at the waist because im sure they will stretch back out. i will make sure that my waist does that. till next post!

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yes, totally agreed. they evolve very quickly. right now i have to wear them being unable to do the top button though. belly is too huge for it. im very sure they'll look a lot nicer in someone elses league of the tour and right now im pretty sure chambo would fit in these well. might get a new pair a size up from these from baeyer but still weighing my finances! they're too lovely to pass on.

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^I forgot you were in this thread ranon. I'm too lazy to go back through the thread now, but what Lot and size are those?

Either way... They look fantastic! I'm really looking forward to breaking in my 770s (even more so after seeing your photos!) Will rep when I'm able!

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so today i decided to showcase what happens to me on sundays. typically they're the same as what i do on saturdays. mundane yes, but these are really what the burgus tour jeans are doing! haha. got around to shooting some pictures until my camera decided to suddenly run dry on me. well so heres what.


typically on sundays my mom makes lunch and today was no different. chinese flat noodles with button mushrooms and prawns. really quick and simple to whip up if you're in a rush or feeling too tired to cook. can be made in 15 mins.


after that i decided to do some laundry and press my clothes. shitty yes.


my beyond repair ironing board which needs to be re-skinned. i decide to spend money on denim instead of repairing stuff i really need to repair. haha. i dont like steam irons because they take forever to iron my clothes.


then i headed off to work. so heres where i work. still not sure?


so yeah. this is it. address with phone number and all. hit me up on weekends yeah? haha kidding.


we've got stuff like freitag, fifth avenue shoe repair, uniforms for the dedicated and a couple of asian designers. not exactly superdenim clothing, but we used to have kicking mule workshop. i would love to be working with more japanese denim brands but too bad for me!


got some tretorns as well. apparently they've been around for a while and i never realised this until one of my customers told me. shame on me on poor brand knowledge!


and then we've got freitag bags that a lot of people love. presentation +1. an idea for your superdenim nerd collection as well. drawers and drawers of them. heh heh.


and this is the raffles hotel from right opposite where i work. lovely little place it is. i have fond memories of it, when i was young my parents used to bring me around the area i work in and after they were done shopping, they would bring me to one of the deli's to eat. fond memories.


but to be really honest, this is what i do at work when nobody is around. hahaha. and this was the point where my camera died. was hungry and ate a doublecheeseburger. yes i know not premium burger material, but it still is a burger! and then of course i ended work and came home to do up this post. haha.

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so heres a short and quick update on a thursday night. spent a 12 hour shift at the office as usual and when i got home after changing i realised a little sign. the sign of first repairs!


so here they were when i first realised the damage at the front just right below where the buttons are.


seems like some of the threads came loose. thankfully it wasnt such a difficult job though. looked fairly simple to me.


so i whipped out my trusty sewing kit which has been to sydney and back to singapore twice!


and started patching them up. you can see from the inside that the threads have all come loose.


finally done after 15 minutes.


hope the repairs last long enough, i made sure to double back twice so that they would hold up longer. didnt cut or remove the older threads though. just went ahead and sewed over them. hope nobody minds. only had black thread at home though. time to hit the sack now and get ready for another long day at work tomorrow. friday though, so who knows!


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new update! hola!


today has been somewhat of an eventful day, more exciting than most days. so yesterday the postman came but nobody was home to pick up my package but no worries, i could go down to the post office to pick up my own package.


played with the little girl a little before heading out. this dog grows up so fast! she doesnt run around as much as she used to and is getting fatter but still is a little bundle of joy.


so this is where i live. most living estates in singapore has loads of green. i would bet there are as many trees in singapore as human beings. lots of greenery all around but no impressive things like lakes/rivers/exciting landscapes.


i live in a concrete jungle called home and this is a large part of how singapore looks like. tons and tons of residential buildings like these. some blocks are 10-15 floors, my block has got 25 floors but i live on the 7th. thats beside the point but you get it.


decided it was a good day to break out the new shoes, wearing new stuff makes everybody pleased! great way to start the day and to be honest they are pretty damned comfortable.


bought a little bite for my mom on the way to the post office. the sign in chinese says "handmade dim sum" but i really doubt they are handmade, just bought from preserved packs and heated up. there are better places for dim sum around.


sat around while waiting for the food to get ready and grabbed a quick denim pic. funny how from the knee down, the denim is pretty much this hairy. yummm.


reached the post office and found this addressed to me. WHEEEEEE. couldnt be happier to receive this since i had a bad experience with canadian post once, having lost an expensive item in the post and once waiting for a package for 2 months.


i love how the great people from inventory make the effort to create their own tape and all. love the updates there and the lovely people who curate the site!


of course then i took the bus home after picking up my stuff. stopped by somewhere to grab breakfast/early lunch. i have been eating from this stall for almost 10 years now and i love a specific dish here. although service is pretty terrible, the food is honestly great.

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grumpy man dishing up my order. fucked up on my serving size and didnt give me chilli. damn!


devoured this straight when i got home. this dish is called "laksa", made up of white thick noodles, chilli, shrimp, shrimp paste, some beancurd thing, fishcake and eggs. by far my favourite place. i eat the laksa only from this stall. its a spicy dish and gravy is absolutely tasty.


ripped open my package after breakfast to find this! extremely satisfied with my purchase and the quality of the item. though price could be lower, it still seemed reasonable enough. havent bought a bag in forever and ever and the last one i bought was almost 2 years back. no more backbreaking when i carry my laptop around.


changed again and got ready for work. saw this downstairs on the way to work and apparently some rag-and-bone man (guy who brings old newspapers, wood products and bulky stuff to the recycling company. . great sewing machine though broken, would look like a really ace accessory to have at home.


got to work and then proceeded to buy lunch (?!?!) a few hours my last meal. in singapore we call this economic/mixed rice. precisely because it is cheap and you can choose whatever dishes you fancied. sort of like a mix and match. i chose spicy long beans, fried eggs and a chicken wing. trying hard to rival dkatz here. there are some stalls that are so good that they earn a lot of money from this business and end up being millionaires. so maybe theres a backup plan for me if things fail. small problem though, i cant cook very well.


that aside, got stuck at work pretty much the whole day. but there are these rain boots that we sell that i think are really cute on kids. if i had a llittle boy next time i would get him the navy ones and if i had a little girl i would get her the red ones. i dont remember big brands making rain boots for kids during my time. i only remembered the $2 rain boots i wore to school when it poured when i was just a little kid. lucky like buggers!


and i then sold smiles and exchanged information with strangers (good way to describe a job no?) till the sky turned dark.


a friend decided to pop by though to pay me a visit.


he was wearing evisus though im not too sure of what they were but they were a nice hue of blue. not that you can tell from the pictures, but they were!

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went out to catch up a bit on old times and had dinner after work at the soup spoon. no it wasnt cheap. bad name chosen!


he got a clam chowder


and a salad


and good old me got a bread bowl....


of beef goulash! polished up the whole thing since it was really good and left a satisfied customer! got on the train back home and was dead beat since the weather was unforgivingly humid. shite!

quick fit pics if you havent seen!



the jeans are turning out really well now and i can see them evolving a lot in the next coming weeks and months! they are really fast faders but i love how comfortable they are. not too heavy in this weather i have! till tomorrow guys. drive safe, live well! :)

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