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Burgus Plus world tour


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ive had these jeans in my closet about 10 months and i must have worn them about 2 weeks , so instead of selling them to somone thats probibly gona do the same id rather start a tour and get some proper documented evo for the burgus denim.i think we should just stick to the normal setup of the tours (1 month each for 12 months) , This tour should be reserved for regular posters that contribute to this forum and at the end of the tour the pearson voted to have the best tour pic's will keep the jeans . so anyone thats interested shoot me a pm (it could take me a bit to get back to you because ive got a pretty buisy weekend

never mind the door we moved in last week and still have a few things to do




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Waist 15.5

Front 10.25

Back 12.75

Thigh 11.25

Knee 8 5/8

Inseam 33

LO 7 7/8

Traveling Pants List

1 aho

2 medine

3 lendo

4 salaami

5 kai

6 rungo

7 riff

8 ah long

9 opie

10 chambo

11 ranonranonarat

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sign me up for the LAST spot, and i'll get on losing 3 waist sizes by a year from now...lol, yea right. need a freakin' size 33 or 34 world tour!

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flash is a good friend, so i'm down of course, but first and formost let me apologize to all for my pitiful attempt at participating in the FH tour. camera got fucked up as soon as i recieved them. so put me in at the 3rd or fourth spot. lendo has shown interest, so he should be right before me so then i can just go to his crib and smoke him out so while he's high i can sneak out with the jawns. I WILL REDEEM MYSELF with this tour. now all we need are t-shirts, and a journal...ha ha

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i cant realy make a list if i havent got everyones address, i dont realy want the people involved to pay a fortune in shipping costs (i didnt get a chance to get to the post office on friday had to stay late at work but im off monday to get things sorted out for my trip,so ill post them then)

up first we have





after that i need to sort out the best route when i have the addresses

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