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Burgus Plus world tour


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time for some new pictures

my brother learning how to ride a bike in the burgus... he's wearing rain gear on top for the first day, and no rain pants for the second

So for his 1st day WAYWT

Shoei Helmet

Sidi Rain Gear

Dainese Leather


Random beater boots




Short clip of him riding


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that was a while ago.. I just got back from shanghai so didn't have time to upload pictures..

I spent the whole day today working on the bike, installed integrated tail lights and did the fender eliminator...

still trying to work on the frame sliders

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ahhh whud up?


so didn't do much yesterday, had been working in the morning 10 - 3 and was chillin at home for a hour before i had to pick the wife up from work. So lil one wanted her fav, micky mouse pasta! and she wanted to say hi



i was left to snack on my wife's snack's


guess that was all, got home late from work 11ish but got a fit pic





gotta say i like the fit alot, but will be wired not wearing eternal's for a full month, bye bye baby


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ok so just got home from work and before i shower and go to bed some pictures..

here is the boss's car that i have been using for a few days, this thing is a beast and almost drunk me out of pocket


i had to use that as my old car almost died, so me and my wife have been planing to buy a new car anyway.. so we did!


bit of a stressfull day to be honest but had to head back to work for the evening shift so stopped of for pizza


i know it should have been a burger but there is still plenty of time for that! night all

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oh damn page 3 allready? my bad....

so yesterday i was at work all day from 7am untill 6pm got home and needed a food fix so found some bit's in the fridge and wala!


didn't look as good as it tasted..

anyways today was sorta the same thing got home after a busy lunch service but promised the wife a roast dinner...


then decided to get a fit pic


this one is my daughter did!


went for a drive


after noticing kawatako in the selfedge thread relised that my key holder is made by them, btw is was black and now faded to copper


and been wearing the leather strap


thats all for today off tomorrow so maybe soemthing else..

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so yesterday was off in the morning with the wife and kid, we got hungry so we went to the chinese supermarket called "wing yip" its about 30min drive from us has all your normaly bits



they also had a fresh fish section and had this guy in his own tank next to the lobsters


anyways got a few bits then went to the restaurant next door


got my fav - iced green tea bubble drink


i had - beef ho fun with beansprouts, could eat this all day long


then after that spotted the cakes


and i got the normal


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