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what are you reading today?


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the alchemist - paulo coelho

im just so busy these days, cant even finish a damn thin book!

same here. too much stuff to do. i found that the period before you go to sleep is a prime time to get your read on. if youre lucky, you dream about the book.

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i actually had a confession, my religion, and the kingdom of god is within us lined up next, but i couldnt find them at my school library (as expected) and have yet to visit my local library.

without punctuation this reads like a schedule for after-school activities ;)

herman hesse's steppenwolf. heavy going. why is it all the nobel prize for lit winners are all so dense?

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are you a physics major? i still have my copy of schrodinger's statistical thermodynamics.

no.. i study mechanical engineering. it was actually a really interesting read.. good to finally see all those physics and math applied to something! I got to see otto cycles and stuff like that, very cool.

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found a copy of the myth of sisyphus.

im reading it now, although 'last exit to brooklyn' distracted me, what a novel, nihilistic and loveless, on the camus front I really love his decription of the absurd and strangeness, we all have those moments.

Red, i havent read anna karena, but i read w&p, ivan ilych, and happy ever after, tolstoys such a passionate writer, his "what is art" essay is great too...... please post a verdict of what you think a karena after you've read a bit.

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A literature thread? I'm home :)

Today I've been reading Bohemia In London: The Social Scene of Early Modernism by Peter Brooker. It's the first book I've been able to read for leisure in about a month, essay submitting period in university just ended today.

Yesterday I read about fifteen books at the library, but I won't post that list. They were all literary theory books centred around structuralism/post-structuralism/deconstructionism. Sounds complex but it isn't.

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