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Tanner Goods : Portland, Ore


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It’s pretty easy to get excited about the holidays, but they also tend to inspire a little trepidation. Gift shopping, the increasing retail frenzy of the season, navigating the waters of family—it’s enough to put even the most sane person a little on edge. And let’s face of it: none of us is the sanest person we know. To help take the edge off of all this, we’ve got a few things to offer. First off, we’ve got new goods on offer. We’re jazzed to introduce our newest wallet additions in some time, the

Quad Wallet and Travel Wallet, which add some excellent carry options to the selection. We’ve also got updated and refined Tethers for the Workman Wallet, and a fantastic Camera Strap. Just as important: All of these options are available in Horween Chromexcel leather, in our expanded color palette. What’s that palette you ask? Black, Havana, Russet, Oxblood, Olive, Tan and Natural. These colors look fantastic in person, and all will age beautifully and take on a rich patina. In addition, all our brass and stainless steel button stud hardware is now turned right here in Portland. More local is more better.

As an incentive to check out some of these items, either for yourself or for someone on the gift list, we’re having our annual Black Friday sale. We love our customers, and we look at this as a chance to say thanks for supporting our business with your hard earned dollars. Here’s the scoop:

Friday 25th: Free domestic shipping on all online orders and 20% off every single item at the Tanner Goods flagship location.

Saturday 26th - Monday 28th: Free domestic shipping on all online orders and 15% off every single item the Tanner Goods flagship location.

In addition, we’ll throw in a free gift (Wristband in any color) on all orders over $150 from Black Friday until December 15th. Just a little something for the holidays—wear it well.

Tanner Goods Flagship Store

Open Daily 11am - 7 pm

1308 W. Burnside Portland, Ore. 97209


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anyone have the workman long wallet? I'm wondering if the cards will end up bent? saw a pic of someone's wallet and it had a curve to it from sitting i believe and from the pic i would assume any cards in it would end up bent. Thinking about getting one but not if it will mess up hte content inside the wallet

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Travel is one of life's great pleasures. Whether by land, sea, air or rail, the feeling of packing up the essentials and taking off for a short stretch (or long if we're lucky) is one we indulge in whenever possible. For us, the essentials are pretty straight forward: a bag with ample attire, a passport, cash, and a notebook and camera to document the experience. We travel light whenever we get the bug. To make the journey a more comfortable one, we've designed a travel wallet and camera strap to carry these neccessities.


We looked at the various items in our pockets while traveling and thought it made sense to keep it in one tidy Horween-wrapped package. Our

Travel Wallet is designed to hold: (one) passport good for your chosen port of entry, (one) Tanner Goods notebook for jotting down various items of inspiration, (two) tickets, depart and return, and some cash, both foreign and domestic.



camera strap takes inspiration from one that held my grandfather's Nikon for a few decades. With just enough adjustability and heavy waxed cotton cord attaching it to the camera body (metal is not welcome here), this piece is a reliable workhorse dressed up in rich Horween leather.

While we're on the subject of travel, come Thursday a good number of us will be packing our bags and jumping time zones to participate in this year's

Pop-up Flea. We have the maximum amount of goods eight checked bags will allow, and are looking forward to closing the production floor for a few days and shaking hands with our east coast patrons. We'll be manning the TG booth on the first mezzanine Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so swing by and see what goods we've brought with us.


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Hi can someone tell me how long would it take for Tanner Goods to deliver something to the UK?#

an approximate time im deciding on whether I should order it in the UK or wait till i go back home for Christmas in Hong Kong

The latest day i will be able to pick up anything is Dec 17, any ideas anyone?

I dont remember where i read this, but do items need to take 3 weeks or something?



oh and 1 more question im strugglin between the Card holder and the quad wallet

does the quad wallet have a note slot

would anybody know

and is the card holder one like really bulky like can u put it into the pockets with ease


(sorry im new to the whole tanner goods game) lmao but i really love the way things fade and age so it really got me hooked

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oh last question! can someone tell me if the card holder is bulky like can it fit in the front pockets of apc jeans or any jeans for that matter lmao

It's not that bulky. Go for the quad wallet instead. I think it's a lot more sleek.

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i treated my one year ten day old 13oz golden / brass belt last night. i wish i had a camera to show you how beautiful this piece has aged.

i would really appreciate it if everyone could post tons of photos of all their goods. this thread needs more action son.

interested to see this, my golden/black 13oz isn't even 10 days old, lol.

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hey all wanted to share my new key lanyard. i think the new design is really on point. it took me a few days to get use to it, but since then i've been mr. cool. originally really wanted to pick it up in the natural or saddle tan - but i couldn't say no to some matching mahogany.




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some place on the previous page is an update from late september. you'll get an idea as to what the possibilities are.

i just ordered one of those fancy stainless steel center bar buckles to swap out the brass roller

interested to see this, my golden/black 13oz isn't even 10 days old, lol.

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alright cool I just went to their site. I am wearing a belt right now that is too big, I am on the last loop which is almost measured to 34 and that fits perfect, that 34" should be the middle hole so I will order a 32.

Anyone know if Tanner is ok with walk in pick up's? As in do they usually have sizes already in stock for their standard belt available for customers to just walk in and purchase?

from the first hole. i wish i had known that earlier... belt size is measurement in inches to the first hole, one inch spacing from there

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