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Tanner Goods : Portland, Ore


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Welp. Hit up tanner today in PO. Grabbed me a natural standard belt with black hardware, oxblood cardholder & a natural lanyard. I'm

Good. Can't wait to watch the belt and lanyard's patina age gracefully.


the reason for the leather looking a bit darker than usual is because I had a little bit of extra leather balm laying around. Been waiting for these pieces for a while I love em! Good work Tanner Goods.

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This is my first post and I wanted to mention that I just purchased a standard natural/brass belt. I will post pics when it arrives. Here's a noob question. How often do you oil your leather goods and with what type of oil do you use?

that's up to you.. some do it never, some do it often. Depends on how you want the belt to age and what look you're going for. A popular one is neatsfoot oil and then there's plenty of branded leather conditioners out there too.

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@iwmmm - it's the gitman vintage portuguese beefy flannel. one of my favorites - fits true to size but roomy enough to be used as an over shirt.

it's a thick, heavy-weight flannel with a nice fuzzy nap (hence the 'beefy' tag). it's quite a bold shirt and i really dig the contrast color plaid design. the work wear-inspired curved button placket is perhaps it's great subtle details. oversized button down collar with a locker-loop in the back, too. not sure if it's still available anywhere, though. :unsure:

here's another look:


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i took the tag off not sure if it's acceptable for exchange.

It's definitley fine as long as you didn't wear the belt or mess it up in any way. Contact her soon. You only have 2 weeks to do it from the day you recieved it.

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seeming as pictures mean everything, an update to my small tanner goods kit!


Lost track of how old the belt is now but I would say getting into the year and a half to two year range, lanyard is around 12 months.

Belt was natural to start, lanyard was Saddle(London?) tan.

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I had a 1 year Natural evo contest with my dog, and I think he kicked my ass.

All three products purchased Jan 14th, 2011. Dog collar got a few coats of Obenaufs throughout the year; belt got nothing. I *just* put a first coat of Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP on the lanyard to see how much it changed colours...think I should do the belt?


P1020013 by Reggie Died, on Flickr

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Blaze Orange, also known as Hunter Orange or color No. 12199, is one of the few colors designed for a specific function: visibility. It also reminds us of days from our youth, wandering through the woods in the early fall, hunting for Chanterelle mushrooms with Pops, doing my best to remember his top-secret spots. It's a color with purpose and history, and we're excited to introduce this exclusive color way to our

online and Flagship store.


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anyone have any evo pics of the TG camera strap? and any shots of it in action? moa, perhaps you may have some layin' around?

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