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Tanner Goods : Portland, Ore


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Any word on that Tanner camera strap?

We had to push it back cause we obliterated our Chromexcel hides on all the Cardholders that you guys ordered. They will likely drop in the coming week or so. Just gotta wait on some more hides from Chicago.

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Vacationing in the area and I stopped by and picked up a Utility Bifold wallet in natural. Awesome quality, which is definitely the norm for all Tanner Goods products.

Was going to post pics of my new wallet and my year old+ 13oz tanner good belt, but I just realized I forgot my camera cable for my computer. lol.

Oh, and cheers to the cute female employee!

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new tanner belt came in today, come comparo shots with my old on




not sure how i feel about the new snaps, though. they dont seem to hold as well as the old ones (could just be the new leather, but they dont feel as secure)


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Wait til you guys see the seasonal colorways and new wallet styles for FW11


the best work I've ever seen TG put together.

Travel wallets, New cardholder wallet, coin pouch, camera strap and more

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I'm really digging my standard belt in natural/brass that i got about a month ago. i rubbed some skidmores cream into it and it looks super nice. my only gripe is that it appears that the new tanner stamped snaps are not actually brass, but just plated. it's already wearing off where it rubs on a belt loop. It looks like the old style rounded snaps in kinzie's above photos were legit and have a nice patina. i realize that they only specified in the description that the buckle was brass and didn't mention the snaps, but it's still a little disappointing since I swapped my buckle out anyway.

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