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Tanner Goods : Portland, Ore


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I just got my workman wallet in the mail. SO happy with the quality. but its missing a logo stamp?... I'm happy with it so its no big deal, just curious as to why this is.

Well, that should never ever happen. I'll have to bitchslap some TG production folk... If you want to send it back we can take care of the branding for you.

sincerest apologies.


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Does anyone know how sizing works for the belts? i wear a 29 in jeans so im not sure if i would need a size 30 belt of size 32 belt. any suggestions?

Depends what kind of jeans you are getting that size from..

My first guess would be to buy a size 30.

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Here are some pictures of the interior of our new Tanner Goods flagship store opening up in Portland in just over a months time...


It is still approaching blank slate status... I'll be sure to update you guys with some more pictures and information as it becomes relevant in the coming weeks.


I tracked down this obscure cell-phone picture of the brick wall interior... even more finished shot from this weekend.


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hi, would it be possible to get the cardholder without the branded tanner goods writing/logo? a bit too big for my liking :). i like the old "tg" logo better i think.

thank you!

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mikey, the only problem is ill never need to buy another one from you.

problem for you, not me.

i second that.. and the same goes for my cardholder.

but i do plan on buying those coasters and a lanyard sometime soon.

We've always been a big advocate of customera like you. We realize not everyone is gonna need a new belt every few months. We intend for ours to last for years and years.

Though if you do need any other leather goods, wallets, bags or accessories, we hope you know where to look.

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When will the new space be open?

We open up May 25th.

I believe Nicole will have Blackbird open by June 1st and Dunderdon will open a few days before we do.

Hope to see some of you there!

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