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Tanner Goods : Portland, Ore


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Here's an example of an untampered set of items. This guy single handedly convinced me to purchase a bifold/belt.

For the record, I applied a bit of neutral cream on these once or twice to keep the leather from drying out. The cream didn't alter the colour much, if at all.

I'll have to take some updated photos of the belt. The wallet has been decommissioned, but the Tanner leather shits all over the wallet I replaced it with. Wish I could have kept on using it...

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They are in the midst of building out a new workshop and one of their main dudes was out of the country, so things might be a little slower than normal. Everything will sort itself out.

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Thanks Aarron,

That photo is of our new production space. We've started hiring a few more people to help with increased demand for Tanner Goods products.

Now all we gotta do is train them...

Big things in 2011 - Stay tuned

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Just got my belt, lanyard and collar in a few days ago. I went ahead and protected the collar because my dog likes to jump in lakes and stuff. Here it is with a coat of Obenaufs.


P1000803 by Reggie Died, on Flickr

Unfortunately it's hard to get an action shot of the collar since my dog's mane is pretty long.


P1000779 by Reggie Died, on Flickr

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1st time doing this but i bought materials and made a belt. I cut the belt, made the end pointed, punched the holes, snapped in the buckled. Then decided to make a lanyard w/ the left overs.

I have a whole new respect for those that make a living with this craft. It's fun but the details are what consume you.

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X-post from show us your leather thread

Hey Everyone,

Just got in my new Tanner Workman wallet and decided to take some shots with a kangaroo lace wallet chain I made, look familiar to anyone?




love the wallet the quality and workmanship are amazing

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to check in and let you know that we now have another member of the TG team helping me with all online product inquiries.

Nicole (N.MF) will now be able to assist you with any questions or concerns you have with your Tanner Goods.

You can shoot her an email directly at [email protected] or you can reach us through [email protected] just like before.

Thank you for baring with us the last few months. The transition into Cascadian Fabrication Inc has been a bit hectic but in the long run, it is going to make us a much better company.

If you feel like you need urgent service, you can reach us directly at CF Inc at our new number 503-2854637

best regards,

-Michael O Andersen

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