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  1. edc [everyday carry] shaved my wife

    I got my first couple sets of custom 3D printed SAK scales in and confirmed they fit well, so I just put them up for sale on Shapeways. I'll see about making them available in stainless and bronze, but I don't want to do it until I get a pair in my hands and on a knife. Metal doesn't really give if the fit is tight, so I'd hate for someone to spend the money for them not to fit on the studs. http://www.shapeways...ctronicnonsense
  2. edc [everyday carry] shaved my wife

    Those are beautiful.
  3. edc [everyday carry] shaved my wife

    Yeah, the sak's knife is my secondary blade. I mostly use the SAK for the scissors & bottle opener. Sometimes the flathead to pry small things. I've been EDCing a Case Sway Back Jack.
  4. edc [everyday carry] shaved my wife

    It still looks like new because it's silver. These colored ones are annodized, so after a few weeks of bumping into this flashlight there's a good deal of silver starting to show through as the anno wears off the raised parts. This photo was taken when it was new.
  5. edc [everyday carry] shaved my wife

    A little late, but I went to the Blade show here in Atlanta as well. I picked up a D25A Ti and a Swiss Bianco Alox Rambler SAK, which was the last one of their small batch in this color. I also picked up a DMT sharpening stone. I'll come better prepared to buy a fancy new knife next year. Soooo many beautiful knives at that show. bladegasm.
  6. edc [everyday carry] shaved my wife

    Buy a cheapo knife when you get there. Give it to someone before you leave.
  7. Is anyone else in here (other than decoy) in Atlanta? I remember there being someone a while back. Come out to see me and some friends play. http://www.facebook....20554261365012/ You should probably also be coming out to The Sound Table on Tuesdays and our Hunger monthly at 529.
  8. Not new, but still fire. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7JhcxrUlFU
  9. I just ordered the first record I've bought in like 3 years because the guy didn't release it in any other format. That would explain why I missed the release last month. Also picked up some 320s. I'm surprised by this XI release because I haven't been that into his stuff. Now he just needs to do more like this at 135bpm instead of 120.
  10. coffee anyone?

    Can I ask why you switched? Do you consider the Virtuoso an upgrade? They both cost the same price and the Smart Grinder has more features. I've read that the grind quality really isn't much different between them, so all that's really left is build quality. I was also under the impression from reading a number of reviews that the smart grinder is new on the scene, but you say you've had it for over 4 years. I can't find anyone talking about it before late 2010. I'm interested in buying a grinder at this price level.
  11. ^^^ YES MAN. Stephan tears it up. What's goin on Danny? Sorting through heaps of Garage mp3s tonight. It's surprising how much of this stuff isn't on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLgZ8Qeg2AY
  12. kung fu movies saved my life?

    I can appreciate good kung-fu as well. Like I said, a number of my favs. have already been mentioned in the thread. The bad dubbing, crappy effects and bad quality was what was entertaining to me. Like MST3K without the commentary. Like in the last one I mentioned, for one fight scene they wanted to add in a slow motion thing, but didn't have the ability to do the effect, so they just told the actors to just try to move in slow motion. Ridiculous. That movie is pure comedy. I recommend it for that reason alone.
  13. kung fu movies saved my life?

    Nice resurrected thread. Most of my Kung-Fu is Wu-Tang Collection VHS tapes that I was special ordering when I worked at Hastings like 10 years ago. Even then most of what I found in the computer system was unavailable. These are some of my favs that haven't been mentioned already. That last one is probably the most ridiculous kung-fu movie I've seen, as far as really bad effects go. The guy on the front of the box isn't even in the movie. I also like people like Gordon Liu, Adam Chang & Sam Seed (goes without saying).
  14. Shoes that look better with age...

    I'm not really concerned about it changing color a little, as much as it blending together. I know it will never look like new, but I imagine some ways would probably work better than others. I don't want to mess up my month old boots more than i already have.
  15. Shoes that look better with age...

    What's the best way to try to fix this ugly scratch on my wolverine 1k boots? I picked up some dark brown Fiebing's creme for a few bucks but I haven't used it yet. Later I read that there is a lot of pigment in it, but creams don't cover scratches as well as more waxy stuff does.