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    I honestly think that some models should be left alone. That new collar is really more practical and better looking? Is that stupid hat really better than proper hood? What if I already wear a hat, should I put a hat on a hat? Hood on a snap buttons? Good luck trying not to lose it, because your jacket will be ruined if you do (how many metropolis jackets people tried to sell without hoods? And they’re using zipper). Apron is whatever, since it’s detachable. Sad to see one of the best acronym jackets ruined like that. Literally zero upgrades, just useless features.
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    Obviously not today, but just wanted to share a couple of photos of the Freewheelers Jackson suit from our wedding. I think it turned out nicely! Paired with a @Duke Mantee belt and John Lofgren USN shoes as well as a FW Parker shirt. All that being said, I know I'm not the star of the show on this day.
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    J28 sucks as a GT jacket so let’s stack on that suckiness. Let’s add a pubic bib and a less awesome collar. That wasn’t good enough. Ok, let’s add a 60’s era golf jacket collar, ‘hat’ instead of hood, and make the piss flaps tie down and removable so you’ll lose them in your closet.
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    goat, I regret selling my sh*t fuuh
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    Looking as awkward as possible.
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    Just my birthday suit today, although it’s not even my birthday!
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    30s leepros after a quick wash on our last day travelling in mexico. I love the colour and fit of these more the older the get, probably about 6 months of actual wear now.
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    Remember that baby i was using to accessorise my waywt pic? No... well he's 1 next week so i popped into Waterstones to buy him a few books.. In the 0-1 years/my first book section i spotted books titled.. 'My Feminist Baby' and 'What is Racism'.. bit much for single syllable pre-schoolers init? last time i visited this section, 13yrs ago it was all 'Stomp, Chomp, Big Roars!!... Here Come The Dinosaurs'. .. my browsing continued towards titles such as 'I'm feeling Lost' and 'When I Feel Afraid' Good greif! .. just looking at the cover was making me feel anxious .. Sending them to bed happy always seemed to work for us...
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    Tender and MF. Shirt deets…plus truer colours on this pic.
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    It's the Daisy Age.... again
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    la10-m pure gasoline tho
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    My bd today, and I was wearing WH, nothing special in the genital area to post pictures about.
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    It’s important to highlight our differences, fears and insecurities from as early an age as possible and instil awareness of identity politics into the young’uns. At least the kids will identify with Stewie Griffin on the cover!
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    I live in Seattle and I’m inpatient. Can’t wait 4-5 days for my jeans to air dry. Haha plus I’m a rule breaker
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    I'm no @Dr_Heech either, but yes the widths varied depending on vintage era and most pre-1975 redline models have some small width discrepancies on each pair. Just turn them inside out. Also, could've been dependent on the factory and the operator putting them together.
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    Their denim(s) shrink a lot … but very consistently to the wash version sizes. War denim here
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    Thanks Carl, Sadly, I don’t think this soap opera was out of the ordinary, I’m just not usually witness to it. life in parts of the UK turned to shit thanks to Cameron, 12 years of incompetence later.. it’s like a f’kin post apocalyptic world.. micro-dosing shrooms on prescription is probably our only hope of making the sky seem bluer and our grass look greener..
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    I looked at the Japanese prices for the new 30th Anniversary pairs with arcs&tabs (and a different leather for the patch): 44,000¥ is pretty ridiculous to the standard price of 26,000 ¥ for such details...
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    @julian-wolf thank you so much, and I'm really pleased you're enjoying your Bridge Pocket shirt- as you say it's wider and shorter than some other styles (all the fabrics are pretty much the same) and wears really nicely oversized. I'd love to see photos! @AlientoyWorkmachine and @mondo I'm delighted your 129s are wearing well, this is so great to hear, and AW your's are looking lovely. I dug my own 129s out recently- they're a bit tight on me at the moment, but it's a great fit. Maybe they'll get some more time in the new year. For now, though, most of AW22 is in and arriving with stockists. There's a new coat style, the 953 Double Breasted Split Back Coat, in a particularly lovely fabric: here's a (beautifully laid out, as always) page from The Complete Imbiber 5, from 1961 (worth seeking out! lovely books about booze), mentioning the etymology of the word grog. Hence the development and name of this horizontally ribbed (gross grain) fabric on a fine ecru cotton warp with a fat natural Herdwick wool weft. here is is on the loom: and here it is in a coat, dyed with chlorophyll:
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    After looking at the embarrassingly large stack of denim in my closet, & swearing I'd never buy another pair of jeans, I broke down & did exactly that. I couldn't resist the temptation of the 30th anniversary model that Standard & Strange just got in stock. Based on the photos I thought they looked pretty special. I now have them & can say it's the stiffest denim I've ever encountered. I can see they'll need a soak before wearing. Back in the late 90s a Japanese friend brought me a pair of FC which he considered the best Levi-esque repro at the time. They had a more varied catalogue back then. Work jeans with white stitching, a khaki type II jacket are a couple of cool things I remember. I'm sorry to hear there was aggro with TCB who I also like.
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    Vintage blanket Carhartt / Vintage J Peterman wool sweater / Bronson Chinos / Vans It’s windy
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    Columbia knit / vintage Sateen M1947 shirt / Warehouse 1101 / NB
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    Jelado also has some nice denim jackets. Here a 1.5 years worn one. In this video he shows the aging differences Here combination suggestions

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