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    Well hot dog! On this episode of weird Wednesday, I bring you something I have never seen (okay one other very small pair but it was pretty worn). If you have seen some of my posts recently, I have been on a hunt for some early examples from each of the osaka 5 in a new state that can serve as "my" examples of each brand. This has turned into a bit of a problem with me chasing the rabbit, so to speak, through several pairs trying to find "the one" that ticks all the boxes. Well this is an interesting edition and one that I don't think I can top (for Evis) that is new (never washed), early, seemingly rare, that also fits me in a way I like. Okay enough justification of my problem: An exaggerated early Levi-esque sewn arc'd pair of water Buffalo 2501s:
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    Price drop on J1W. Adding: Sold WTS: J28-WS Medium, full pack. Worn and washed for sale. Still basically new. $1600 F&F, extra for international shipping.
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    Another oddity I found on these was on the arc on one of the back pockets. It is double sewn in two spots, looking as if it was done maybe as a custom job and definitely by hand.
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    orgueil jacket -- mr freedom shirt -- black sign t -- sugar cane hawaii -- viberg
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    It certainly looks like it @unders, although my SDA 101s also have that stitching but no pocket lining. They look fantastic @Graytrain, I love seeing old deadstock jeans. I generally don’t have interest in stuff that is current and easily available!
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    @Graytrain Excellent stuff. What’s the deal with the line of stitching across the back pocket - are they partially lined?
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    They are more of a Adjusting tool than a Securing system. The older draw-cord system will left a bunch of pleats randomly setting on the edge of the pants' waist opening area. Sometimes they even moves around while wearing. This not only will affect the actual tightness, also will it change the draping and the silhouette of the pants (EX: the cargo pockets' position in relative to the body). The Drawstring system allow the exceeding pleats to be distributed evenly around the waist, thus making your waist feel less cinched or rubbed (since It carries part of the pants' weight by delivering more contact area against the skin). And yes, normally you will want to pull the drawstrings as well as wear a belt.
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    Looky, looky. It’s a good day at my house.
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    This belt for my buddy @shadesofindig0 on IG - made from a beautifully pure Vachetta leather and overlaid with some antique Japanese indigo boro cloth dating from Meiji Period (1868-1912) and an antique Japanese coin from the same era. Literally had to wear gloves in the making of it …
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    Mango - Merz - Denime - Duke - Veja
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    LVC // MF Skivvy // Pecador Belt // SC M41400E // Viberg x Iron Heart
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    enjoying the FW 27s and the A2 at the top... three variations on known knowns... tcb s40s tux - rw aero-orslow-tcb-rw surplus m65-tcb-sugar cane-attractions
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    FW 1927 jacket FW 601b jeans Nicks boots
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    WTS J29-PX Size L, 9/10 Full Pack, $1600 + Fee&Shipping LA8-AK Size M, 9/10 Full Pack, $900 + Fee&Shipping All shipped from NYC
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    Freewheelers x 3 / Hollows / Lofgren / Heimat (non-vis)... plus 1927 sleeve illustration, as per FW thread chat
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    LVC top that I cut the arms to 3/4 due to stretch Sugarcane
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    Mash Co boonie--Tezomeya T--Kapital ring coat--Kapital sling bag--Samurai Jeans--Red Wings
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    Not quite Sufu approved footwear...got some new safety shoes TFH - Denime
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    Stetson (non vis) / Freewheelers x 2 / Roy / Hollows (non vis) / At Last / Lofgren; Me / My boy / And a nice tree
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    b_F length hems, on this pair Kapital, Tezo, Hollows, Cane’s, Russell
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    mister freedom whitesville warehouse tony llama
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    nice to see some small corner of sufu is still active: barbour pendleton fullcount ralph lauren planning on selling these fullcounts as theyre too dang tight n haven't stretched as much as id hoped.
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    Adam Goldberg in Esquire Magazine
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    I recently had a look at a different number of type 2 jackets. Like with sweat shirts a main difference seems to be the vertical length. Some for the size 42 have a length of around 60cm, and a number of others are around 65cm. The ones around 60cm were FW, WH, LVC and RMC. The Sugarcane one as well as Full Count, and I think The Flat Head, as well as a few others have a length around 65cm. So you have to decide, what length style you're looking for. I think, TCB tends to be longer, so you might want to look at the second group.

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