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    Looky, looky. It’s a good day at my house.
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    This belt for my buddy @shadesofindig0 on IG - made from a beautifully pure Vachetta leather and overlaid with some antique Japanese indigo boro cloth dating from Meiji Period (1868-1912) and an antique Japanese coin from the same era. Literally had to wear gloves in the making of it …
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    Price drop on J1W. Adding: Sold WTS: J28-WS Medium, full pack. Worn and washed for sale. Still basically new. $1600 F&F, extra for international shipping.
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    If we're talking all Levi's not ust LVC - up to 2001 or so ALL the 501 raw denim was exclusively Cone. Don't know if from White Oak but I believe it was, most of it ring/OE on wide looms. THey expanded their supply from other manufacturers/plants and reduced purchases from Cone around the time Phil Marineau made massive cuts, closed Valencia St, and got a $12m bonus . At one point, up to the late 80s and possibly later literally all 501 fabric was Cone, including the jeans made overseas (in Scotland, for instance). The 1980s wide loom denim, ring/OE, was developed by Cone. I think as they moved to preshrunk etc they might have drawn in other manufacturers although, again, even fabrics like the two types of black denim used in 501 were Cone.
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    This belt is ridiculous @Duke Mantee !!!!!!
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    orgueil jacket -- mr freedom shirt -- black sign t -- sugar cane hawaii -- viberg
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    enjoying the FW 27s and the A2 at the top... three variations on known knowns... tcb s40s tux - rw aero-orslow-tcb-rw surplus m65-tcb-sugar cane-attractions
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    Thank you - truth be told there’s a fair bit of inspiration from one particular source re. the name
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    tbh i absolutely loath how they resolved the draw cords. having the cord locks in the waistline of the belt makes it so you have to press them against your body should you choose to wear a belt and i haven’t found them to securely hold pants when loading pockets due to the elasticity. just feels like the simplest, but least considered solution compared to how effective all variants of the webbing QLQR are, but maybe i need to try them more this season. (that said there should be a dual strap QLQR with say a fidlock buckle so pants can quickly come undone, would be a nice functional addition)
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    10 year wide taper
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    i got the jeans a couple years ago, even tho it wasnt my size (my size 34, the jeans 32) . i bought it bcoz it was in mint condition (almost line new) & price around $25. but it fits me now & currently im trying to break in. The Fit
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    Mango - Merz - Denime - Duke - Veja
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    LVC // MF Skivvy // Pecador Belt // SC M41400E // Viberg x Iron Heart
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    FW 1927 jacket FW 601b jeans Nicks boots
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    Still playing with the cuffs, but I think they’re just about dialed in. I’m glad that I went with the wide tapered fit. Wide without the taper would be too much for me. I really like these, and am looking forward to having the black version of the same fit.
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    LVC top that I cut the arms to 3/4 due to stretch Sugarcane
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    Warehouse has been slacking with uploading their catalog, and I wish I could have prepared my wallet for this… I really hope this pattern isn’t a seasonal flannel for Warehouse and they put it into regular rotation.
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    Mash Co boonie--Tezomeya T--Kapital ring coat--Kapital sling bag--Samurai Jeans--Red Wings
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    … and the third and final belt for @meaterball2020 on IG - another formal but suitable for casual belt in 9oz Walpier Buttero Rocky with solid brass hardware, the buckle being stitched on this time, and edges painted out
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    mister freedom whitesville warehouse tony llama
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    Thanks for this, and to be honest, no I haven't. I do like the ceremony and tradition in seeing warrants on things (and when I spent time in Henry Poole, on Savile Row, it was exciting seeing stuff made for the royal family, and the warrant shield up on the wall), but I'm not sure that I'd want Tender to be a current part of that world. More to the point, though, I'm not sure my things would be relevant to, or suitable for, a royal warrant- I believe warrants are issued to manufacturers, more than brands or designers. But thank you, it's a lovely suggestion! In the meantime, I've been wearing my Bold Indigo Weaver's Blanket Stripe trews daily for the last few months, and generally over the past 3? years or so, and I realised today how much the bias fabric has shaped and softened. They're slow faders, but the different twill patterns in the stripes (alternating right hand, broken, left hand, and plain weave) have really taken on a lot of character: In other news, we've just set up a mailing list for a newsletter that I'll send out every now and again. I'm planning to write a bit about design processes that go into specific garments, and be able to bridge across styles from different seasons that we have in stock on the Tender Stores. A lot of attention goes on new things, but a nice part of having a site where old stock sits alongside new styles is that you can see connections between different productions, and different garments. If anyone fancies signing up you can click https://www.tenderstores.com/?subscribe=display or go to tenderstores.com and scroll down to the footer where there's a 'Mailing List' button.
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    I am either on a lucky streak or it's just way easier to pick up "vintage" Denime stuff than I thought it would. Collection nearly completed, Orizzonti era pair of 66. I already said to Ryan, the fun(ny) thing with these Orizzonti era models I recently grabbed, they come with this organic feel of a rushed production, just like vintage Levi's. And I don't have to pay Konaka-san prices for it So not these perfectly sewn jeans we are used to from many Japanese brands over the years. And somehow I really like it (I am sure, 10 years ago or so I would have been pretty upset to get those flaws).
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    Type 743 pullover hanging on the line to dry
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    They are more of a Adjusting tool than a Securing system. The older draw-cord system will left a bunch of pleats randomly setting on the edge of the pants' waist opening area. Sometimes they even moves around while wearing. This not only will affect the actual tightness, also will it change the draping and the silhouette of the pants (EX: the cargo pockets' position in relative to the body). The Drawstring system allow the exceeding pleats to be distributed evenly around the waist, thus making your waist feel less cinched or rubbed (since It carries part of the pants' weight by delivering more contact area against the skin). And yes, normally you will want to pull the drawstrings as well as wear a belt.

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