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    @beautiful_FrEaK inspired fit. Flathead Warehouse Chuck 70’s
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    Took a walk "through" the local moor No fun stories to tell...
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    1101 in banner denim from many years ago. Wish they’d bring this cut back, but maybe WH taking over Denime will remedy that lust for a new 60’s pair..
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    Not an adventure like double o, but I forgot to take of my glasses while diving in the sea like a real Neptune . When I put my head out of the water I saw misty and realized it. Glasses gone. I tried to look for them for a while. I gave in and took my loss(Moscot) I went town to find some replacement, bought two pair of reading glasses at the drugstore. Pretty difficult to find a pair without being able to read the signs. went back to mrs smooth sailor and little sailor. I decided to have another look at the shore line. And there it was, the tide brought back. the sea is amazing
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    Figured I owe you a few pics of the C/L 800s. Coming along really nice, wore them exclusively since june, had to repair a few stitches here and there because of the slim fit, but overall holding up well. Really like how the patch evolves and how they react to the weekly washing! Denim becomes nice and grainy, super soft, perfect for summer.
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    Merz - Denime 66XX - Chucks 70s
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    Freewheelers Trackwalker, Duke’s Belt (the best you can buy), Freewheelers Lot 601RB, Rolling Dub Trio Coupen Brogue
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    Some photos from 4th of July. I actually gave double denim a try which I don't think I've done in a few years... Freewheelers type I Whitesville T @Duke Mantee belt OA03 jeans Motor engineers
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    Along with his solo recordings, John Mayer is a regular member of Dead & Company, a current band with survived members of the Grateful Dead. To me, that alone is the high enough recognition, even if some die-hard Deadheads disapprove any attempt to take Jerry Garcia's place.
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    He's a ...what's the word y'all use...wanker? and I do not like the songs he writes but his guitar talent is pretty indisputable. I don't do points but I have some ... out there pieces - and when I wear them I have a similar philosophy - one crazy thing the rest needs to be pretty chill, otherwise, well for me it's just not me. I don't like outlandish as a whole but I do like some different designs, so you need to balance. Unless you want to be outlandish I guess. Not sure it's fair to say that louder pieces are to be remembered - I just find them fun, personally. Far as his wardrobe - the little I've seen is better than the music he writes. But nowhere close to as good as his instrumental skill. I'd be surprised if people here don't have some sort of internal compass on when they're overdoing it with...well whatever they're certain thing is.
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    Before that he was a Conservative politician and the Prime Minister of the UK from 1990-97. His most famous style tip is to tuck your shirt into your underpants.
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    Thanks! It’s a mesh belt from Warehouse
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    Glad to see you all still posting! It's been a while for me. Too hot at home for clothes worth photographing. Luckily I've escaped to Port Townsend, WA for a few days. Rising Sun Bronson Obbi Good (I changed the buckle) MF Novesta
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    As threatened ... McCoys x 3 / Freewheelers / Birks / vintage sunglasses... I'll brace myself shall I?
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    They’re finished! Spec: Black Chromexcel Leather lining Vintage triple stitching Dr Sole sole Roller buckles by http://hukurokuju.com/
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    Warehouse jacket, Brass / Signal Garments jeans
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    A belt for @dudsbydel on IG. This is a Sedgwick strap around 9-10oz (3.6-4mm) cut from the bridle butt, with a solid brass sand cast buckle and matching brass saddlers rivets. I’ve burnished the edges with black Tokonole and beeswax so it’s given a bit of colour to the raw edge, although this will break down with wear and expose the natural colour.
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    Goijg to the playground today Merz - Resolute 711 - Doek
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    runabout brander jacket warehouse triple stitch cowboys JK inlander boots
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    Vintage Champ hat warehouse Longhorn i+w Nashville shirt duke belt room no 6 messenger warehouse signet contest jeans yuketen sandals
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    directly related because of beer spillage.... stussy x LVC, gildan, warehouse, old timbs
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    Runabout brander Warehouse triple stitch cowboys JK Boots Fire Inlander
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    Bout a month worth of wear and six or seven washes on these canes so far, I absolutely love them. They got downgraded to work jeans on their very first wear, lol, but we’ve gotten a lot done together so far… sanded and prepped (but not painted, they’re not that far gone) my work truck, disassembled n packed up my motorcycle, moved my partner out of their apartment, drained and cleaned out a swimming pool, and transplanted half a garden, among other things… I’m moving back up to washington next week so they’ll be along for that too! It’s nice having a pair of pants you’re not scared will tear through every time you put em to work :p bonus shot of our main accomplishment together:

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